A tea-eve to remember!


We all go through that phase, don’t we? The phase of emotional turmoil and ever troubling tiff of emotions inside our heart. And then half of the time goes into reasoning as to what was the root cause of what?


Yes, everyone goes through that phase of confusion someday in the life, and perhaps today was my turn! And then after a while being in this so-well-known turmoil, I decided to deal with the issue face to face. I thought, maybe when we all sit together with a hot cup of tea, we realize the trouble behind. So I invited them all to a tea-eve; my very dear Mrs. Love, Mr. Anger, Mr. Depression, Mr. Happiness, Mr. Trust, Mr. Hurt, Mr. Guilt.


All I wanted in that hour was PEACE. But well, he was the only one I didn’t invite to save him from any trouble. So finally I had them in my house; pretty punctual, looking great! They were reflecting their very peculiar traits through their attires. My mental faculties got juggled as Mr. Anger and Mrs. Love gave a hug-greeting, as also did Mr. Hate and Mrs. Love. Strange a gesture for those belonging to totally opposite traits!


After settling down in the living room, I finally took to voice the purpose of the meeting. I said,”I am really in a mess and that is why we all have gathered. I want you all to get me through it! Help me!” As they tried to cover up for their contribution to my present state, I glistened with a smile and then began the actual cycle of words.


The matter was taken by hands as Mrs. Love started,”What’s that about me which has been the cause of pain, will you speak about that?”


Mr. Depression added to the flavor,” I will answer that question. You have started adoring me when you should have been with her; every time you go somewhere you want my presence to brighten you.” Pointing out to Mr. Hurt, he remarked,”Mr. Hurt must be jealous, huh?”


To which Mr. Hurt said, “No matter whosoever comes to you, Mrs. Love, you and I share a special relationship. And Mr. Depression, we got to strengthen our bond all this way. Better not mess with each other, we have a long one to tread.”


I was just keeping quiet, listening to the intensifying words. So came another voice, our very much in demand dude, Mr. Happiness saying,” Mrs. Love, I always try catching up with you but you end up being with them. I mean deep baby. By the way, Mr. Hurt, your remark is appalling.”
I was noticing that Mr. Trust and Mr. Guilt were keeping silence. They were listening and processing thing. Not for long perhaps.


Mr. Trust finally spelled his thoughts in voice,”Well, to all of you, I must say that if I vanish! Are you listening to me Mrs. Love? If I vanish all of you will lose your balance as well.”


And the words traveled deep into my heart, I said ” That’s abundantly true, it’s only when Mr. Trust goes for a short ride and I start getting mad over things, that’s when Mr. Hate you and Mr. Hurt you, you both make frequent visits and sorry to say, that freaks me out..”


“I am the queen of emotional society, and I am glad that it is me who is responsible for driving your soul and mind to a definite track”, exclaimed Mrs. Love proudly. Just when the pride was becoming a bit too much to bear, Mr. Happiness with a smirk said,” And why do people want you, ultimately to reach me. You are fool, flying with overconfidence.”
And that is when Mr. Guilt broke his silence. With his head facing downwards, he said,” See, when we see you people losing enthusiasm, we get our way in there and we ought to, we exist too.”


I was witnessing the statements that spoke their core out; I was realizing that the function of every emotion is based on interdependence.


And then I painted the much wanted picture of my emotional structure. I asked them to bring me some kind of peace and balance where I enjoy and am free of the negativity that realm because of the disparities among all of them.


Sipping the tea with a munch of chocolate cookie, Mr. Depression picked the conversation again, “I will leave you if Mrs. Love, Mr. Happiness and Mr. Trust start to work together without peeping into our lives. If that condition comes into possibility, I believe Mr. Hurt will also stop interfering.”


Mr. Anger roared with anger, putting in,” Where is Mr. Strength and Mrs. Satisfaction, they should have been here. They go away and our lil girl starts to suffer.”


I replied to this in a very calm fashion. I asked them to whatsapp all the main things which need to be conveyed, to each other. That way I could reach my much desired state. All agreed to the idea. So well, they understood where they were wrong. Just then Mr. Happiness called Mr. Peace to join us. So that infused a kind of joy in me thinking that maybe all of them are on the path of mutual harmony.


Mrs. Love made her words,” If I distribute a packet of love manufactured in my own factory, will you people apply it? It’ll help Mr. Hurt in a way that he will start losing his negative wings. Akin to it will be the impact on Mr. Depression; he will sleep in tranquility and let others sleep as well. And for Mr. Anger, he will come to people in a lovely way.”


I saw that Mrs. Love, Mr. Happiness and Mr. Trust smiled at each other and then came together to give me a hug. That was so moving!


Just when that happened, I saw Mr. Strength too somewhere therein. Maybe there is the place where he actually dwells. Mr. Hurt said,” Listen lil girl, all of us are into being because we are significant in our own ways. If I, Mr. Depression and Mr. Anger leave you completely, you will never know what a roller coaster ride is, what Mrs. Love and Mr. Happiness are here for. But because we want to design harmony on the beautiful canvas of your heart, we will conquer balance where Love and Trust flourish. Where Confidence confiscates and you battle us all.”


I had tears in my eyes. With a teardrop rolling down the eye I said,” I don’t know how to thank you all for this evening. I am definitely going to welcome Mr. Joy because of the conversation that we all had today. And I love you all, for you define and paint life in its own minuscule shades. You all bestow peace on me.”
And then the smell of wordie-tea filled the chamber. Everything noticed started to fade slowly, the voices, the figures, everything.


And with the first rays of the sun, I woke up realizing that it was a dream, realizing that I saw what I have inside. And then I fell in love with my soul, I fell in love with my heart. Perhaps who knows whether Mrs. Love gave me a packet of self-manufactured love too!

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