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Review of: Pink Floyd (BAND)

Probably the best thing London ever made wasn’t traffic lights or the coloured televisions; it was the top notch musical get together known as PINK FLOYD. Started as a group of four students from London in 1965, Pink Floyd is one of the most successful bands the world has ever seen. It is named after two great blues artist; Pink Anderson and Floyd council.

They made a name for themselves by performing in underground music shows which was the cool thing to do back in the 60’s and 70’s. Syd barrett the visionary of the band was the main man in the early years he had all that it took excellent voice and guitar skills along with the face the fans love. He was portrayed as the “Big thing” of the band and the music industry loved it so did the other members namely; Roger waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason.

Syd was unfortunately sunk into the world of drugs with the unaccounted success the band gained. He lost himself. He was using LSD and other chemical based drugs on regular basis which did cause the band to ravel. There was an incident when Syd was on stage the band was playing and he stopped. His hands hung loose his mouth open and in front of a crowd of thousands he stood motionless.

In around 1968 Barrett left the band and he was deteriorating with his mental health. The new member of the band was David Gilmour another talented vocalist and guitarist.

Pink Floyd made progressive rock and psychological rock mainly but were even famous for their jazz rock work. This band was so good that it is in the US and UK rock and roll hall of fame. There are bands known for their particular works like Led zeppelin for KASHMIR and Stairway to heaven but Pink Floyd was known for everything they did.

Syd Barrett and Richard Wright are the two dead members of the band and the other three got together to make the final album of the band “The endless river” which came out in 2014. It is based on material recorded in 1993-94.

If you ever wish to read more about this band you will have to take out years to know them completely. Their music was so good and sometimes the songs even lasted till 15-20 minutes. “Echoes” is a song as long as 16 minutes and a few seconds.

Pink Floyd might have been the greatest story every told.



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