A Stitch In Time Saves Nine


We all know people, sometimes including ourselves, who have a tendency to ignore the slithering pain that keeps us occupied with agony whenever we hurt ourselves physically. Whenever we get hurt or fall sick, we never seek medical assistance immediately. It is always, “kal tak theek nahi hua tab chale jayengien doctor k paas” (I’ll consult a doctor IF it doesn’t heal till tomorrow). So why do we keep doing this? Is it because we’re too proud to admit that we need a physician’s help? Or are we just big-time procrastinators who’d rather sit at home ailing in pain instead of visiting a doctor?


Believe it or not, it’s neither. This putting off the visit to the doctor’s stems from our staunch belief that this feeling, the pain, would fade away with the passage of time and our ignorance of accepting otherwise. Our beliefs and ignorance become hindrances in curing the ailment.

Moreover, we ponder upon the very thought of paying a visit to the doctor to get well, only on the coercion exerted by people, who have started to identify the agonizing ailment. You wouldn’t visit a doctor unless possibly your girlfriend/boyfriend makes you do so with the deadly weapon of “Tumhe meri kasam.” Seems funny, right?  But just think about it, are we so ignorant of our own health and wellness that we need to be forced to take care of ourselves? And if that is the case, how sad it is!

There are also times when we, ourselves, are on the verge of breaking down because the pain that we are in becomes unbearable. The breaking point comes soon enough i.e. after months of enduring the agonizing. And this is the stage when we finally consult a doctor. If all of us are to come to this stage then, why not just take a good care of ourselves in the first place? Why wait till the last straw is drawn and we just cannot take it anymore? Why wait till last minute, which sometimes become a little too late?

We’ve all heard of the phrase, ‘prevention is better than cure’. So why don’t we follow it for once?

While that may not be entirely plausible, there is no doubting saying that most of us will still make it to the stage where we have to hurt the most. Because perhaps we are just too obstinate and would want to learn the lesson our own way.

However, the choice is entirely yours. Because the consequences will be borne by you alone.

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Ridha Dhawan (MCM DAV 36)

Ridha Dhawan (MCM DAV 36)

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