A Small Beginning Towards Great Feats


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

In a bid to welcome the new students, the Arts Department of GGDSD College organized a Fresher Party on August 10, 2017, in the Main Auditorium. A hoard of fresher, ready to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings showed up to the extravaganza. A sizeable number of second and final year students ready to extend a cordial and ardent welcome to the jittery students, were also present. The event was administered by the Principal of the college, Dr. Bhushan K. Sharma and an assemblage of college faculty.

The proceedings of the day began on an auspicious note with a Vandana Dance which was followed by an amiable welcome speech. Various cultural performances were up next. Students of second and final year enthralled the audience with their gigs. The first year students weren’t the one to lag behind as many of them came upon the stage to recite a poem or display their dancing skills. A comedy act by the college’s renowned theatre group, SarvSaksham, left everyone in fits of laughter. Soulful musical renditions and mesmerizing dance performances left everyone craving for more.

coverage-32The most awaited event, the Modelling round was up next. Sixteen pairs of students, dressed to the nines, were all set to hog the limelight. There were much cheering and applauding. The contestants were adjudicated by a bunch of professors. They were selected for the next round on the basis of their confidence, poise, and elegance.

There was much applauding as the Principal of the college, Dr. Bhushan K. Sharma and the Vice-Principal, Dr. Balraj Thapar, joined the shindig and were extended a floral welcome by the Dean of Arts.

Picking up the threads of amusement, multifarious performances continued. Singers with voices that could put a nightingale to shame. Various solo and group dances set them in a jubilant mood, and many among the audience were seen dancing along to the beats.

The time to shine came yet again for the freshers, as the glitzy second round of modeling began. This round was a battle of wits as they were judged on the basis of their answers, clarity of thought and voice and of course, poise and confidence. There was endless cheering as these students battled it out on the stage.

dslr6942Finally, the moment to live out their 2 minutes of fame came as Ankita was crowned Miss Freshers and Robin was bestowed with the title of Mr. Freshers. Suvidha emerged as Miss Charismatic while Mr. Charismatic was bagged by Rohan.

The Principal of the college, Mr. Bhushan Kumar Sharma, extended a heartwarming welcome to all the students and encouraged them to display their talent in the various upcoming competitions just like their seniors. He vocalized the glory these performers had brought to the college and sincerely hoped that the new students would continue the legacy.

A recital by Harman Gill, a well-known figure around the college, gave the students an insight into the complexities and delectation of their upcoming college life. After a couple of musical recitals, the boisterous audience was dispersed and welcomed to the dance floor where a DJ was awaiting them. A legion of students gathered on the dance floor and danced their hearts away.

All around the campus, the students were seen posing for the shutterbugs and taking countless pictures. Hysterical bouts of laughter and animated giggles could be heard all around.

The effervescent students made the most of the day as they were all set to begin, be bold and venture into their college life.

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