A single grain of rice


While watching an anime a few years back, I heard a line which changed me for the better. Such instances might have happened with some of you. A scene comes and a character speaks. The line might be inspiring, filling you with awe. Or it might be simple, as it was in my case. It was spoken by a small boy, barely eight years old.

“My mum says that it is wrong to waste even a single grain of rice.”

Now this line for some may be plain. An assemblence of words which can be easily forgotten. But for me it was more important than anything else. Of course at first I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, come night I was sitting, having dinner. Finished, I had gotten up to put my plate in the sink when I noticed, the few pieces ofsabzi still lying in it. I noticed the leftover daal in the katori. I sat back down and finished every single leftover bite on the plate.

Since then it has been two years or maybe more. And I still continue with the ritual. If ever I forget something on my plate, the boys voice rings in my head.

I don’t know what thoughts might be in your head right now. But I suggest, whenever you have your next meal, keep my words in mind as I keep that boy’s in my mind.

When you leave something on your plate don’t forget, it is not just your parent’s hard-earned money or their effort in cooking the food; it is also the effort of a farmer who works day and night to provide for us all, only to get very little in return. You waste the efforts of not only multiple parties, but also waste one of the greatest resources of the nation.

So remember the small story and remember the little boy, who saves his nation’s resources much more than you or me.

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Tanya Bhatia

Tanya Bhatia (MCM College 36)

Hello everyone my name is Tanya Bhatia and you have just read an article written by me! I absolutely adore reading!; whether it is fanfiction or novels or mangas, I don’t discriminate. My greatest passions are writing and learning new languages.And also listening to music of said languages; whether it is Korean, Tamilian, Spanish, Japanese, English, Chinese, as I said I don’t discriminate. 🙂



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