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‘I Am Still Human’, a youth-centric organisation, always working to stir the consciousness of people and instill in them the true meaning of humanity, organised a Bike-Rally on November 5th, 2016. Around 80 bikers came together for the event as a small gesture to pay tribute to the Indian Army. The main motto behind the programme was to promote unity among the youth and to show their awareness for the society.

The campaign commenced at Sukhna Lake Bus Stop at around 4:00pm with 80 bikers all geared up for the journey. Kamal Gill, leading the group proffered, “The reason why I am a part of the rally is because I support the cause and the Indian Army with all my heart. Nothing could be better than this, that I could express my concern for soldiers with help of my passion; my bike.” The riders took a tour of the city and concluded their journey at Sector 7, Panchkula.

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

After reaching the destination, Bobbee Singh, owner of Singh Son’s and mentor of I Am Still Human addressed the audience present and put forth his views on the cause of the event. Singh asserted, “There are three types of relationship in this world, ‘Khoon ka Rishta’, ‘Dil ka Rishta’ and ‘Paise ka Rishta’, and we are going to maintain all of them with our brothers sitting at the borders. The organization would be sending 1 Lakh Letters to Kashmir to show our affection and love for them. We would also be organizing a 48 hours-Blood Donation Camp in December as the maximum causalities faced by the soldiers are because of improper blood-supplies. This camp is a way to maintain our blood-relations with the heroes of our country.”

Towards the end, Vivek Mehra, Founder of I Am Still Human, urging the audience to light up candles to reinforce their support for the Indian Army and to appreciate their selfless duty for the country. The event ended leaving behind a beautiful message for the masses to value and treasure the altruism shown everyday by the Indian Soldiers.

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Gauri Bhardwaj  (MCM DAV 36)

Gauri Bhardwaj
(MCM DAV 36)

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