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Life is a gift of god they say, you pray to the god everyday, fear him for his wrath won’t spare you they say, spell God with a capital G they say.., I say, why?

I’ve grown up in an orthodox family, everyday before leaving the house my mother prays to god for the health of our family in a small room devoted to the almighty. She calls it the mandir. Now I’ve been told to do that too, pray to god, don’t eat non vegetarian or consume alcohol on Tuesdays and the never ending navratras! When I see all the faith in him it makes me think what is it that one man did or can do that can make a whole civilisation go gaga about him?

Pardon me for being the rationale here but what explains god?

I’ve been an atheist all my life and still am. I’m not proud of it nor am I being cocky about it, give me a logic and I’ll be happy to join the long lines of pilgrims and wait for hours to get a sight of a marble structure decorated with petals and sweets. I’ve been living a fine life and I don’t believe in god, I’ll go on to live a fine life without believing in god. Though one thing that continuously keeps bothering me is that why do we need a God?

Here’s what I think, the reason is that we’re all evil. Humans are all but animals with emotions, and these emotional animals need a white satin cloth to wipe their hands once in a while. We all do bad deeds, we know we’ve done bad in our subconscious and the God becomes our closure. With all the humans surrounding us we crave the surreal and the mighty, the force that all fear from, someone beyond ordinary. No one would go to church if jesus uploads a pic on fb captioning #straightouttaheaven!

If we don’t have a superficial faith our brain would split its differential and collapse with the load. The reason we believe in god is to cater to our fervent wants, to have an imaginary pillow to fall back on.

Next time when you go to a mosque, church or temple to pray, before folding your hands and being completely defenceless in front of a fictional. Think! Ask yourself why are you doing it, peace of mind?

Here’s a tip, go and help a stranger today, feed a hungry dog out of your food, give up your seat and stand on the way home once in a while, be nice to people without any personal motive or intention and the need of having a god will start fading.

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Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma (UILS, PU Campus)

I’m a law student, studying in UILS, Panjab University, currently in my second year. A football lover, enjoy watching the game and an ardent Arsenal FC fan


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