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Scrolling down from Amir Khan row to menstruation being finally getting recognition as a strength and not for any illogical cliched clogging reasons,to the 16 day activism which I wish could be turned to a daily update thing like my subscribed horoscope tellers or better the shoot down one politician a day kinda memes; I but thought I should just turn off my facebook account if that is it is never actually going to socialise one or all such updates ever. It’s only that news feed is okay. But who on earth likes to start their day watching so much chaos around the world!! So turns out internet is no more an escape.. But people haphazardly looking for solutions.Or I’d say some just imposing theirs on others(clearly with Amir.. Just so you know) .Imposing their thought of mind over especially those who think expression and practice of speech is the same thing. Yet existing, maybe! It is only this urge for the other to act and think just as you do(we take copy paste so seriously man, chidhood gone wrong?).So much so that every single dialect speaking minority(take no offence please, I myself belong to one) wants a separate distinct, bordered geographic area for themselves to finally let their presence thrust upon the world map. Or how about turning maoists, human bombs, or simply uninstalling the bit of human left in you. And won’t even start with the governing creed because they afterall took the right officially from ‘their’ people to ‘rectify’ them (someone just refer to Orientalism by Said, please).Or worse just pull down any entity that is striving to belong to all. And why because it doesn’t speak the same language? Your language. Like whatever happened to the show of unity( oh just give up Gandhi ji.. The era has changed)!
> But it’s saddening how the masses think they’re left with no choice at all but to went out their anger socially(like I’m doing) or become blatantly ignorant and growing into a passive aggressive being( which also I often do) … because recording Modi’s visits or selectively choosing one Supreme power(as if it is a wardrobe! And even if it were you but couldn’t choose, imagine that) to follow while they took away the only one choice on food that I could follow without a threat to life(on behalf of all; I’m a vegetarian though) . It all makes me truly feels like a third world nation.Yes, the marginalized, poor and degrading state of our nation dawns upon me as I watch the world getting chaotic, dehumanized, hypocrite and much dishearteningly ignorant to few voices that I only attempt. Who but only care for a let alone, let free philosophy of life. Where democracy is not burdened upon by Gods(he didn’t create it belive me we did) and where empathy still exists.Where we at the end of it all we do not forget that our prime role is just to play humans. I don’t think then we’d be needing or seeking any person, land, and surely not anyone’s blood!
> The rectification lies within us. To act to improve that disturbs our conscience as mere beings on this planet who’ve been thrown upon the super luck to see, hear or sense it all.. Before any acquired stuff, let’s just not waste the inherited!!

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Natasha Negi

Natasha Negi (Eng dept, Pu Campus)

Pursuing M.A.(English) from Panjab University. A bibliophile and an avid reader. Believe in instigating humanity and keeping in touch with the downtrodden part of the society. More so love to capture such spontaneity around in negatives and ink. Ear for all kind of music as long as it moves your bones or beats. Full time observer and thinker.


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