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Ever wondered why is that you are at the place where you currently stand? Is it because you made it all the way by your own choice or is it because the circumstances allowed for you to follow this particular road?
Whatever the scenario be, the end result is that you are here and from here you can either move forward or can go in the complete opposite direction. The only one to make that decision is none other than you. Yes! This may seem all very philosophical till now but bear with me for a while ‘coz there is something fascinating about everyday process which normal beings like you and me usually miss out on.
Okay let’s test what the scientists call “imagination power”. Just for an instance, imagine that the sun comes up from west or that your sheeru, tommy could talk or that somehow Tom and Jerry suddenly appear in the real world just to meet you and have a brunch with you. Will that boggle your mind or will you still carry on with the schedule? (Which you anyways do, by hook or by crook). All the magical things around us, irrespective of how insignificant they may seem, are the reason for our existence. Starting from the first dew in the morning to the last ray of dawn, from a good morning by your parents to the goodnight kiss by your beloved, from that first cup of coffee to that lasting taste of your favourite ice cream. And somehow we always forget to appreciate all of them. All the adventure you go on, all the people you meet, all the experiences you undergo will keep remodeling you over and over again. And maybe that is the reason for your uniqueness. But wait. If everyone is unique, then how is anyone different from anyone else? The answer to it lies in the very reason for your uniqueness, no other person can go through things or can think, speak or experience that journey in a way that is peculiar to just you. So just imagine, so many people, so many experiences with each of them different from other and yet again when they come together, they may not realise how beautiful one is, in its own way.
That can be both the irony and the beauty of the journey one encompasses on. That journey is nothing else but what normal, oops unique folks like you and me call “Life”. Well let’s just call it that, until they come up with some other name for it.

About the Author:

Jasnoor Saroya (Founding Editor-in-Chief, PU Mirror)

Jasnoor Saroya (Founding Editor-in-Chief, PU Mirror)

A happy go lucky girl, who loves outdoors and loves to write. Thirst for adventure, food and my philosophy of life defines me.


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