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Tereyan Khayalan Ch ~ DIESBY

Tereyan Khayalan Ch is a romantic song and therefore being able to connect to the music is essential.The raw ‘tabla’ over-lude is a nice touch. It brings a sort of semblance to the overall music, making it an Indo-Western fusion, which is a good thing because it compliments the interchanging Punjabi and English lyrics. But the stop-song-on-the-beat routine is overused. It is cute the first couple of times, but it just cuts into the flow of the song later.

Speaking of the rap portions, the second and third rap portions do a much better job than the first one. Over all, the lyrics are pretty much adequate. And I think that’s a place where Ajeetpal Singh has been bang on. The lyrics can really breathe soul into a song. And I think, complete justice has been done. Kudos.

All said and done,  Is ‘Tereyan Khayalan Ch’ a song that you’ll remember for a long time? Probably yes. Even if you hear it while shuffling channels on the radio weeks later, you will surely enjoy humming it, anywhere anytime.

Considering all his past works, Mr. Singh will find his wings and really take a big flight, in search of horizons far and wondrous .But for now, this composition surely deserves an appreciation.




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