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Greetings Mr. Modi, it’s obvious you don’t know me. So here is a short introduction, I’m Kshitij Bhargava a 20 year old lad who was among the 100 million first time voters. I’m of those people who did not just vote for you but went out to support your vision in the best possible way I could. I’m someone who entered a hateful discussion with the congress guys who came at my door to ask for my vote. This is clear indicator of how much I have backed your party and ideas during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Don’t take me wrong I believe you still, I have some faith that you are the one who can take India to certain heights. What I have been upset about is the way that your party workers/members have misused your name and your background of Hinduism in their heinous activities.

I have to say the present situation is little bit tensioning and what I’m afraid of is the country losing faith in you just because of your associates. Bihar has 243 seats need I say more of the lost faith?

Our ministers both the opposition lead by the congress and in the NDA are scholarly men, and one neta of the Congress whom even you appreciate for his knowledge is Sashi Tharoor. He has not come out and criticised you on every possible thing like others do. I praise that guy for his thoughts and even I consider one of his observations on you to be valid. You have come out and have given speeches that draw the attention of all, you show a vision to all that we love but have any of those been acted upon that’s what we are to see.

 Yes the Hindus don’t eat beef and it is banned in most Indian states. I’m a Hindu too but if someone eats beef in front of me I won’t be going to kill that man or slap him but yes as it is against the law I will go ahead and seek legal assistance in the matter. We can never force people to believe in what we believe. India is a secular country as says our preamble. Let’s not put the 42nd amendment to waste. India might be the only country with so diverse religions and languages; we shall try and maintain that. I’m a 20 year old student who is able to understand this but your chosen ministers can’t?

Take a step to act not just on the development model but even against the acts of the Shiv sena, what they did is an act against the freedom this country offers. This even makes a statement by Shourie stand true “the PMO has never been as weak as it is now” which I refuse to believe.

Development was what you said during the 2014 Lok sabha elections and that is what we look for not religion. Arun Shourie has come out and said no holds barred that the NDA government is just the UPA government plus a cow. I find nothing wrong in his saying; it has not been very great in terms of change.

Sticking to the cow remark let me explain this t you. Yes, beef has been banned but is that a right decision? How secular does it leave India? These are the questions you have to answer. Secularism means the state will keep itself away from any religion. Instead in India we have you the BJP asking for Hindu votes with RSS and the congress seeks the Muslim votes putting you as their enemy. Oh just don’t let me start with religious politics in Punjab. The votes are asked on the basis of religion; hence the government is based on religion.

Dadri lynching case will be something that will haunt you just like the riots back in Gujarat. I remember you said that your mistake during those riots was that you didn’t handle the media properly and such has been the case now. What took you so long to say something on this matter? I’m not saying you’re responsible for it but when the ideas put front by your ministers in your name have caused such a problem you ought to come out of your shell and say that you are never going to tolerate such atrocious crimes and these aren’t your ideas. Or else you do believe so and that has been the reason of your silence. Why can’t you just g out and address the nation on your MAN KI BAT radio yhing on this intolerance issue? Haven’t you seen your friend so to say Obama who takes it as his duty to come out and address the press on such issues or issues an official statement from the white house on all such things

Pretty much whatever I have written till now has been stuck to the beef point and you have to be aware of that this has to end. Many will not look out for beef or buffalo meet in the next elections but there are many who will. Look at Kejriwal and the CPM leaders they have started that kind of politics already, with the Kerala house situation.

People see results and not just promises. Yes we were promised a stable and far better economy, a nation that will see growth of the highest levels, better governance with no corruption and modernisation.  You know it was rightly said by someone on the day you lost in Bihar that “Modi ji needs t realise that development is what brought you in power and that has to come with no excuses”. I totally agreed with the guy there, you know small reforms don’t come in view of the public. Yes the macroeconomic reforms are great but if you tell that to a poor farmer in Punjab or Bihar he will not bat an eye to that.

Nitish kumar did work at the village level and small initiatives were taken by the JDU leader and maybe the cycle scheme is what he will give you to march out of Bihar.

A great success for the NDA government has been the black money case which has seen great evolution. A huge amount of 3770 core has been disclosed by 638 declarations. This is something that we lacked in the previous regime and you stood well on your fight for black money.

Have a look at the Indian exports which were up by 4% in 2014 before elections and now have been falling. Exports are a key of raising the economy. You don’t have to be economics graduate to know that exports give you foreign currency and raise your economy for the good.

Another positive that we can see from the NDA government is the image it has created internationally in India putting India in a better position in terms of places where business is easily done. Also the way our External affairs ministry has worked to rescue the citizens from wherever possible has made India a big name in such operations.

The main point that has drawn you the most criticism has been your ministers. They have gone on to blabber whatever they feel   and that will in near future from the looks of it just grow. I would just like to address this issue at this point. I wish to see India in a much better state of affairs in the coming years. We don’t want any situation where a religious majority starts to dominate the minority in India on a broader stage. We know this can’t be stopped completely and I don’t ask for that either. Not far will be the days when extremist groups start to rise up in India if the present situation grows and there be a fight between the Hindus and the Muslims just like in Iraq and Syria there is Shea and Sunni Muslim fight.

A meeting at least will do. I know most of the ones who started this award Vapsi thing have political motive like Munawwar rana who has dedicated his poems to Sonia Gandhi and who can rule out Sarah Joseph the AAP worker. Keeping this in mind i still believe that there are some in these “Intellectuals” who are genuine in their reasons. A good meeting with these won’t affect your image instead it will solidify it.

Anand patwardhan the man who has returned his national award was campaigning against you during the 2014 elections in Varanasi, but somehow the media doesn’t tell this and you need to open your mouth on such issues or tell your close associates to bring this to everyone’s notice.

The initial months of your office term saw India attract a lot of international attention, since you appointed Manohar Parikar as our defence Minister who is by far one of the most learned men to ever hold the seat we have outplayed Pakistan. You have worked hard to secure a permanent seat for India in the UNSC and that is something that is going un-noticed. After all we are the only country which has been backed by all the 5 permanent members of the UNSC.

The step taken by the NDA government in asking the SC to act against those trying to act against those who give statements harming the secularism of the nation as it has been mainly the RSS member’s in your group saying the ill fated lines all the time.

Carlo maria cipolla who was an Italian, Economist and historian who wrote about the dangers of working with the stupid. In your case it will result in a loss in 2019.

Look I’m no politician sir, and I understand that you know what is to be done and when it is to be done. All I’m saying is that there is a need for a wake up call for you and I’m looking to do just that. There are a few things that you need to do without fail, first on that list has to be asking your Workers to speak less and act mature. The government has asked the SC to make a law that penalises those who say things initiating tension between religions but, we all know if this is done and your members go in it will hurt you more.

If there was any need for anyone to make you realise as to what was the reason you came to power in 2014, Bihar has come to serve that very need. Coming out to campaign is not wrong but saying what all you said was not good. You wanted to portray yourself as a leader from extremely backward area, well that was successful you proved yourself to be just that but that is not a positive.

BJP government in the centre will go down just because of the kind of speakers you have in the lines of your party. These people come out and say things that will kill the very root support you have worked out for your party.

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