A Letter To Our Beloved Education System

Dear Indian Education System,
Hi, I am a 20-years-old woman. I have been studying for the last 18 years under you. Approximately 16 years in school and 2 years in college. I know certain things, which are considered to be the high class knowledge these days, like the full form of NASA which is National Aeronautics and Space Administration; like America is the country with maximum national income and so on. And this information is just enough to help me crack the so-called ‘reputed exams’, which would help me to earn my bread and butter in the later stages of my life.
But today, with my experience of 18 years in Indian education system and our society, I would like to tell you a few things which you might feel are wrong but are true, and these are-
1. You will not teach us how to resist something that is not good for us; be it any kind of abuse or any sort of pressure. In others words, we have to learn the art of saying ‘NO’ on our own.
2. Your agents, also called, the ‘teachers’ will not help us in differentiating between what is good and what is bad for us. Though, they will tell us that we have to respect our elders and care for everyone regardless of whatever treatment they serve us with.
3. You and your sister, our ‘dear society’, will never teach us how to break the old and lousy stereotypes. The line between us is created by you and not us
4. You did not and will not teach us how to take a stand for something we firmly believe in, even when people make fun of us and we feel like that’s the end of our believes and our faith is tested over and over and over again.
5. You will never teach us that we should never give up on our dreams and hopes, no matter what happens.
6. You will never prepare us to fall in love with anyone (be it our own soul) and the way we would feel when we fall for the first or the second or the hundredth time.
7. You will never teach us how to come out of that emotionally and/or physically abusive relationship. You will never teach us how to take rejections and accept it as a part of our life and just move on.
8. Your agents will not tell us how to console a dying person or how to lighter his/her loved one’s heart, once he is gone forever. You will not teach us how to sit with the sick and his family throughout the night.
9. You will never teach us how to reject the centuries old customs and rituals and some nonsensical preaching of some religion. Well, you will teach us about different religions and their belief systems but will never ever teach us that humanity is and should be our foremost and only religion.
10. You will teach us that we need to run the rat race and that once we are left behind we are forgotten like the ramshackle of some old, not so famous, fallen building or monument. But you will never teach us that even if we win the race, we still come out as a rat; never a lion.
11. And the most importantly, you and your society will never teach us how to love ourselves and others with all their flaws and imperfections. You will never teach us that there is nothing in this world, not a single thing, which is completely perfect yet we will die craving for the perfect things- perfect salary, perfect mansion, perfect partner and the list never ends. What is not taught to us is that, it is the imperfect things at the perfect time that makes everything perfectly perfect.
That’s all I wanted to share with you, our reputed education system. But wait, I know what NASA stands for and which country has the highest national income and blah blah. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t that all, necessary to survive? Of course it is; me and my dear human-mates will crack some sort of exam, bring pride to our loved ones and earn ourselves a lavish living and fulfil all our responsibilities. What else one needs in life, right?
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
A mere puppet in your system.

About the Author:

Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

A turmeric-scented brown girl. Psychology lover. Lover of love. Ambivert. Surviving on hope and Ice-cream. Loves Twenty-one pilot and Jagjit Singh. An annoying sister and loving daughter. You will find me in Chandigarh, constantly failing to meet you. From Banaras, the city of ghats and Shiva. Loves to travel. Amateur Writer.


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