A Lamp in the Dark


“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Oh my teacher, I love you!”


I read these beautifully-innocent lines in a child’s note for his favorite teacher! It made me wonder, how far we’ve travelled in time and how at every stage our relationship with our mentors has altered in various ways. Over time, the shackles of ‘strictness’ in the teacher-student relation have been broken and replaced with harmony, cordiality and warmth.

Almost each one of us, have had a teacher in our life who made us fall in love with the subject he/she taught, or improved our vocabulary, our accent, our thought process or maybe even our dress sense. We imbibe certain qualities, habits or words from teachers who teach us and that stays with us forever.

Not only do the students, but the teachers also have developed ‘out of the box’ thinking to equip students with tools far above and beyond mere bookish knowledge. Be it group discussions, public-speaking sessions, quizzes, creative writing or innovative classroom activities, the spirit of teaching in today’s teachers doesn’t cease to exist. Consequently, they leave no stone unturned to add variety and novelty to their everyday lectures.

As a child, majority of the students’ population was inclined towards becoming a teacher or doctor when they grow up! Very rightly so, teaching is an evergreen profession through which you remain in constant contact with the young innovative minds and high spirits. To me, a teacher is wonderful carrier of such vibrant vibes and positivity which can even make students not only ‘attend’ their lectures but also enjoy them thoroughly.

So here’s to the epitome of knowledge and virtue, the body that mould your personality, and the ever shining star that brings you out of the darkness of disillusion and oblivion.


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Gunjan Kapur

Gunjan Kapur (MCM College 36)

An extrovert. National level debater, fond of communicating with people and observing them. A budding writer, huge coffee fan! Believes in radiating positivity and good vibes, if not anything else! A good heart and an even better intent is all it takes to befriend people.


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