A happy chick or a distressed damsel?


Does it happen to you at all? Do you feel that everyone around you is just so better than the person you are? Or perhaps, Do you feel that you’re nothing? As in, just NOTHING!

Well, well…This phase, this time of self-doubt is a bane. And trust me mate, this bane is self-created, self-fed, and self-pampered!

Thinking. Rethinking. Eating. Earphones on. Wearing song’s lyrics on heart and feeling the smoke of delusion around. So here sitting in the mood of depression, I am hanging out with my thoughts and trying to ignore the box of chocolates that awaits to reach my mouth. Yes, that’s how I waste my time! Because mate, God has given me forty-eight hours a day instead! No?

Then there’s another place where I vent my din of thoughts out. That’s my white fat pillow where the tears lands– the ocean of pain! The reasons being of a mere existence, yes absolutely. Think it over my pals, go check your diaries! Read those blended emotions that you inked the last night over a coffee spilled over your clothes! That happens very often, isn’t it?

The mirror in my room is my enemy. Whenever I look into that shiny creation, I lose my inner-gleam. For what all I see are goddamn acnes and flabs and what not coming out in there! And also, another fickle reason behind this magnificent monotony of mine is the urge of having validation. Yes, we all somewhere seek that. Validation that we are BEAUTIFUL! Validation that we are WORTH OF A LIFE! That is why we love being complimented. I get to consider that I’m not good enough, if I feel that I am not looking good or when I feel my clothes aren’t suiting me. Or even when for no reason it peeps into that I am just a monument of stupidity on this earth! Harsh, but that is it.

Sometimes it gleams to me that why do we really look at others and then see our empty sides. Did you ever realize that we make a dull side of our life on our own? We all crave for what we don’t have. You see your single friend craving for a boyfriend. Or a fat person making a new year resolution of getting a thin waist! More tragic is when you open your chats and see “Hey you man, I’ve become so fat, what to do?” messages of a friend who is almost at the verge of vanishing. And here you are, full grown lamb swallowing food as if that is a marathon! This is bound to consume your glow and because of this depression, you lose your qualities and get your skills handicapped.

This all is so wrong: considering yourself low, procrastinating important stuff and such actions. Still the process continues. So listen, all you damsels out there, 

I get it that this piece of writing has nothing new, okay? These words profuse intellect, but listen to me once,” You are great”!

Even if in the fight between ‘gajar ka halwa’ and an attractive figure, your love for the carrot cake wins you over, go eat the cake and enjoy! Because that bliss you’ll gain will make you possess the precious! It’s okay if we can’t master perfection, its okay if we are flawed! It’s okay if we aren’t standing on the firm ground of our future plans! It’s okay, trust me on that.

Because what is important is to have confidence in what you really are. This sanity is nowhere but in you. Get up when you cry and wipe off your tears. Get up and do what you love. Mirror, an enemy? No its not, demotivation is. Go wash your eyes and energize your perspective. You are totally a miracle because your DNA, your fingerprints, the salt in your tears, the acnes and black heads on your skin are totally yours.

You will have your own house. You will look just the way you want. And then one day, maybe tomorrow itself, you will find the person of your interest. Yes, one day definitely you will.

Life is so massive, it is so beautiful. Even if you’ve had a break up and that has somewhere engulfed your self-esteem or chocked in your love voice, revert the action. You certainly didn’t stop eating, or drinking perhaps. Did your parents stop loving you? Did the sun stop rising? Then why the damn smile on your face has stopped showing up? Why, I say why?

Well, well. The kernel of the whole thing is that, for crying over ‘stuff’ any stuff is futile. Life has got gems for us and we have to get them one day for ourselves. Be happy. Be confident. Radiate beauty, expect nothing and walk your path with a lot of gratitude. Sleep well, sleep with a smile; carry dreams in your heart and vision in your mind. What you can always feel is the urge of your soul to see the land you have been placed on.  Don’t kill it with the world’s hazy dazzles. Shine aloud and break the monotony of your energy. Next time when you sit alone and hang with thoughts, don’t sit in the mood of depression. Rather roam where happiness has built a beautiful palace. Go go go! You got to make a snapchat of the smiling interior!

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Roshni Ahuja

Roshni Ahuja (MCM College 36)

20! English honours. Logolept.
Seeks soulful delight in entwining imagination and words. Exhales poetry!  Invests sincere interest in Dramatics. Travel to unravel~


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