A Drive by the Suburbs: ‘Stubborn Love’ by The Lumineers


‘The Lumineers’ are a relatively unexplored band with uncanny potential as country musicians. This song, ‘Stubborn Love’ is a refreshing trip to a sunny afternoon in a southern American field.

The track opens with an acoustic guitar and a mild violin doing a dance around it, almost in a swirl. The song’s power is underestimated until the vocals slip in. Wesley Schlutz’s voice is the musical equivalent of a drop of honey.

As the song progresses and the lyrics begin to sink in, it brings with it a feeling called home. A rush of nostalgia and an aching familiarity is felt with every passing verse. The bridge of the song is followed by a tremendous chorus. The percussion comes and goes, almost teasingly. It’s sporadic, and brilliantly so.

It’s the perfect song for a drive on the highway, a drive on the bridge, a day by the window, or just anywhere at all. Stubborn Love is that old friend that won’t say much but will end up lifting your spirits to the ceiling.
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Happy listening!

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