A ‘chapter’ on verses warmed up the winter evening


Not ready to declare it the end of Christmas just yet, poets from all over the city gathered for a warm, glowing evening at Chapter 7 Café, Chandigarh, as a part of the Poetry Episode by Airplane Poetry Movement in collaboration with Kavitactic, on the 28th of December, 2015.

The aromatic bitters of caffeine and poetry seemed to act as calming forces against the cold. Trees quivered outside but inside, it all quieted down and all that could be heard was the poets’ chorus. The performances exhibited a myriad of emotions, languages and styles as there was poetry in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. Not to forget, there was a refreshing dose of rap and storytelling too.

The audience gulped down the heavy duty poetry along with cream coated cups of coffee.  The event was an escapade of sorts, from the never-lowering noise of traffic horns and blasted speakers in the city and brought with it the artistic satisfaction of discovering and showcasing new poets from in and around Chandigarh.

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Samreen Chabra

Samreen Chabra (MCM College 36)

18 years old. Writer. Theatre Artist. As a writer I don’t restrict myself at all and experiment with genres as much as I can. Writing for me has always been about introducing a new line of thought, or just something to ponder upon. More precious than the content, is the feeling that comes along with it. And I hope to give my readers the same heartening experience.


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