A Bout Called Life: Exclusive with Vijender Singh


Being self-made is an honor that only a few who get into this world get hold of. It is more what tells you that you have tried, have failed, have learned and taken pride in it all this while. That you have preferred wound scars to tattoos, and smile to giving up. And this is all what makes this celebrity who he is: a professional boxer, a good sportsperson and a great human. No one else, it definitely be Vijender Singh. 

Making India proud time and again, Vijender Singh has donned the role of a sportsperson effortlessly so far, sneaking out to play an actor in and between. He is proudly a ‘pro-boxer’ and the current holder of WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title. While he is all ready to defend the title today, on December 17th against Francis Cheka in New Delhi, PU Mirror extends a token of good luck by revealing what boxing is to him.


Q.) How would you describe Vijender Singh as a pro-boxer?
Vijender Singh as a professional boxer is a much better boxer, more mature, stronger and powerful. I feel ever since I have started training for professional boxing I am becoming more focused and balanced in life as a whole.

Q.) How does it feel on being a pro-boxer? How has the experience been so far, it has been more than an year. Do you miss the tag of ‘amateur’ which you grew into a pro-boxer with?
Well not really, I don’t miss the tag, I have had an excellent career in amateur boxing. I won Olympic medal, commonwealth games, Asian championship. I decided to move to professional boxing only after having successfully completed my career at amateur and it is a change that I am loving to every bit.

Q.) Boxing has still not found a place which it deserves as a sport. Do you think that we are bias towards specific sport, cricket for instance and due to it sports like hockey or boxing do not get sufficient impetus financially and otherwise in India?
True, boxing hasn’t been able to pick up very well in India just as yet, but we are all working towards it. I am trying to motivate as many youngsters as possible to come forward and take part in the sport. Every sport has its own place, you can’t really compare all other sports with boxing. For almost 3-4 years we didn’t had any federation so it was little difficult to get financial support and all the facilities, but now I am hopeful that newly formed federation will work hard in the interest of our boxers and development of sport.

Q.) Does it anytime strike you that joining any other career or pursuing any other sport would have been better. Have you ever felt insulted because someone looked down upon you because of your profession?
Not at all, this was my dream and I have no regrets. As far as respect is concerned, I have won respect of the entire nation and for the entire nation when I won the Olympic Bronze medal. No one has ever looked down upon me, in fact they feel proud of my achievements.

Q.) Peeking out of boxing, if you had to be something other than a sportsperson, how would you rank these professions according to your choice; comedian, anchor and RJ?
I think I would want to be a comedian first because I love making people laugh, RJ second because some people think I have a good voice and then I can try anchoring.

Q.) Many youngsters take up boxing very enthusiastically but their parents get them to leave it because boxing is ‘financially not sound’ or ‘sports are for academically weak’. What insight would you like to give to such parents, and the youngsters on it?
It’s the love and passion for sport that should not die, money no money, if you are willing to give in your all then everyone will recognize your passion and you talent. Parents should always be supportive, children should be allowed to live their own dreams not just in sport but in every other career also.

Q.) Would you ever like to start your own academy where you could train other youngsters to be a pro-boxer like you?
Yes definitely, why not. It would be great if I could teach youngsters boxing. I will do anything and everything for this sport, its my passion. For now I am concentrating on my professional boxing career, in future if I get a chance I would definitely like to open my academy.

Q.) By what would you like to be remembered as, by your supporters and Indians in general years down the line?
As a great sports person, who made his country proud!

(Note: The answers are as given to PU Mirror by the concerned sportsperson, no manipulation has been done.)



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