Tired of standing in the queue to watch a cliché plotline? Well, we have an option for you! YouTube has become a hub of creativity where stand-up comedy, web series, documentaries, and most importantly- short films which have garnered a lot of attention. A short film is perhaps a phenomenon that has become a major threat to the 100 crore club as it strives to depict out-of-the-box thinking and an alternative to all those busy people yearning to watch something less time-consuming.

If we delve in the history of Indian cinema, it’s very intriguing to know that it began with short films, then pretty long films, then a bit shorter i.e. 2-3 hours’ films and then again we come across short films that have been further reduced to 15-20 minutes. But the beauty of the present short films is that it’s not confined within the cinema hall consisting of people who had the time and money for the film, instead it breaks through those barriers to reach out to people who like to squeeze a short film or two within their office lunch break or within their tiny time frame of evening tea. Benefits of short films are numerous. Such films are realistic and break through stereotypical plotlines. Since there is no interference of certain ‘censorship’ by Central Board of Film Certification, films often reach out well to the YouTube audience as they are shown a black and white concept where nothing is concealed. Accessibility to each and every person, inexpensiveness, unique plotlines and even the option of downloading films offline to watch while you decide to plug in earphones on the way back home in metro makes it more exquisite than ever. Moreover, the people have the right to comment immediately after what they saw, often leading to interesting discussions within the comment section of the film, making it a medium which is engaging which allows the audience to contemplate over what they saw. The crispiness of the movie is perhaps the most striking aspect as it ends within a blink of an eye but leaves a deep impact.

Renowned actors have started appearing in short films as a change from the profit based cliché mainstream movies. The short films that are uploaded are of various genres with quality content and quality acting. Radhika Apte’s ‘Ahalya’ is a short mystery whereas ‘That day after every day’ focuses on women empowerment, both of which produced by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short film achieved ten million views and had been nominated for various film festivals. ‘Bypass’ starring Nawazuddin Siddique and Irfan Khan is also one of the best short films with no subtitles nor dialogues. Even Konkona Sen left many amazed with ‘Nayantara’s necklace’ which showcases middle-class aspirations and deceptive relations. Actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Ranbir Kapoor have also become part of the family with their respective short films. ‘Kamera’ by Purani Dilli Talkies is an Oscar-winning Indian short film, a narrative from the perspective of a young boy. Well, the list of wondrous short films goes on!

Short films are clever, engrossing and perhaps really difficult scripts to write. As it stems away from the mainstream, it’s able to evoke curiosity and encourage creativity amongst the youth who yearn to enter the field of media. They are not limited in any form and manage to attract the audience from different age groups. I am sure if you watch one short movie, you will end up watching ten more as they are short, delightful, and precious treats to the eyes!


Albeena Alvi- Gargi College, DU


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