9 Types of Invigilators You Find in Examination Hall


The exam season is on and going (maybe gone for some), and while you struggle to get that diagram back in your head and then on the answer sheet, you are sure to find (or did find) someone’s eyes following you (or maybe not). Catch these nine types of invigilators all of us encounter in exams, because ten is too mainstream?

1. The General:-

untitled-1-recoveredThis is the one who just cannot keep quiet. He/she will have to keep talking and keep giving instructions without realising that the poor students are finding it difficult to concentrate. If this one has to speak, he/she will.

2. The CID:-

point-2Daya jaa ke dekho is bache ke pencil box me kahin chit to nahi….
I mean each one of us has had that embarrassing frisking moment where we felt that we were the ISIS trying to bomb America. Though they bombed themselves. Hail Trump! (For the lack of a better pun)

3. The Aliens aka the Flying:-

pointRemember that one man who would run in every class to warn all of the exam takers to sit straight for there is an external checking. These aliens in Panjab University can make or mar you and give you the dreaded ‘Unfair Means Certificate’. So beware people!

4. The Bhookad:-

point-bI am the one whose stomach always grumbles in an exam. And then there is that invigilator who is gorging on those yummy canteen delectable’s. Sadist.

5. The Sushmita Sen:-

point-aThe one with the hour glass figure, oodles of sexiness and that smile to die for. The heart throb of every man, we always wish her to be in our class. But well, that can be way too distracting too.

6. The Clueless One:-

clueless-invigThis one has no idea of what is happening in the exam or for that matter their life. They are clueless, careless and messed up and will do everything, from dropping pens to falling, but will refrain from doing anything that is right.

7. The Relocater:-

An exam invigilator“First bench go sit in the last and the last bench come take her place.” Sounds familiar, right? Well there is always this one who wants to change the geography of the class for she believes that the students won’t cheat that way. We won’t, right? *Wink Wink*

8. The Handwriting Nazi:-

second-lastI mean when you need to fill up those 32 sheets, who cares about the handwriting. It’s an exam, not a calligraphy class. But she will always tell you to make your E’s and S’s and 5’s clearly for she is blind. Phew!

9. The Friend:-

lastThis savior will know that he/she was a kid too and has gone through these same mundane exams and will let us cheat, but in a hushed manner. He/she be the best.

With exams giving a run, all I want to say is all the best. Study hard and pass with flying colours. Keep in mind that, Suppli me fasne ka bura nateeja hota hai.

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Maatul Singha (SD College 32)

Maatul Singha
(SD College 32)

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