Nine signs that he is into you.


‘He loves me, he doesn’t love me’ ❤️Men aren’t always best at showing how they feel, even when they are crazy about you. If you suspect your new boyfriend has fallen head over heels, here’s a chance for you to peek into your man’s mind and tell if he’s really into you.

1. He treats you with respect.
When a man is in love with a woman, he respects her. He cares about the small details of her life, treats her well. If he values your opinions, celebrates your presence, trust me he’s the right one.

2. He compromises.
Love can soften your heart. Its simple when he loves you, he wants you to be happy. Whether it’s where you spend the holidays or who gets the remote, he’ll show his love by insisting that you call the shots sometimes.

3. He wants to take care of you.

The fact that he deeply cares about you. He wants to make things better. He wants to be there for you, be it practically or emotionally. When he puts in the effort to comfort and reassure you, he’s saying ‘I love you’ in both the word and deed.

4. He puts you first.
Accepting the invite to your friend’s engagement party on the night his favourite team is playing ~ without so much as a mention of it.

5. He loves PDA.
He’s proud to call you his girl and show off, and sometimes there’s no better way to show his appreciation than to give you a little squeeze.

6. He wants you to love his family.
Does your man makes you meet every person who’s important to him? When he makes you meet his family and friends, trust me he has no intentions to go anywhere. He’s proud to be with you and wants his family to fall in love with you too.

7. He always likes to seek your opinion.
Whether he’s preparing for a big meeting or simply picking out his tie, he likes to get your opinion.

8. When he talks about the future, you are a part of it.
Whether it is a trip to Paris, or going to friend’s wedding, you’ll always be a part of his plans.

9. Important of all, he says “I love you” everyday, and you believe him


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