9 Essentials To Get Your Boho-Chic Look On Point!


If you are the one who is fascinated by the hippie culture, like wearing a mixture of wired colours and fashions, and got your own kinda swag, here is the list of essentials to help you get the boho chick look on point!

1.Maxi Dress: Choose Geometric and nature-inspired prints as they work amazing for the perfect boho look!

point-12. Boots: Its advisable to pick up neutral-coloured ankles boot. Though it’s up to you whether you want a heel or not, but make sure the heel isn’t too high or skinny so that you stay comfortable throughout the day.


3. Chic Headwraps and Hairbands: Wear your headwrap as an invisible crown. Nothing can be more boho than a right choice of hair accessory.


4. Gladiator Sandals: When in flip flop dilemma opt for gladiators! Light on feet and still fashionable.


5. A Floppy Brimmed Hat: Who said winters need no hats? Well, it does! Get a floopy brimmed hat to complete your boho-look and add a charm to your style statement.


6. Geometric, Eye-Catching Prints: To help add a carefree, forget everything and let it just happen attitude to your wardrobe, add a bold, geometric printed item.


7. Funky Jewellery: This part of the look is the make it or break it element. Choose it right. The key is to find pieces made from natural elements like wood, feathers, or suede for the perfect look.


8. A Hippie-Chic Purse: Having a bohemian purse is key to our outfit. Cross-body bags are awesome because they keep your hands free.


9. Oversized, Patterned Scarf: Complete the look with this most important item on this list. A big, oversized, patterned scarf is essential to add that laid back and chill attitude to your look.


Voila! You are done.

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Bhavya Gupta (UILS, PU Campus)

Bhavya Gupta
(UILS, PU Campus)

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