9 Clever Organisation Hacks That Will Save Your Time Everyday



Being in college is challenging, life is much more than normal studies. Along with studies you participate in different college clubs, organisations and much more. It leads to irregular sleep schedules and keep you busy all day. Here’s some hacks that will make your life a little bit easier. Check how many of these you know?

Differentiate your keys – Paint the tops of your keys with different colour nail paints, so that you clearly know which goes for what.

Save the jars –  The jars that you get from food outlets like Uncle Jacks can be used later as Pen Stand, Keys stand, Keeping your charger and many other things.

Keep the change – This is lesser a ‘hack’ more a good piece of advice. You can keep a box/jar where you can put random change. This tip gets very handy when you broke at end of month or just at the end of year, you may have collected much more than you thought.

Plan outfits ahead of time – You can check the weather predictions beforehand and choose your outfit the night before the college.

Keep your makeup and comb handy – Keep some of the daily essential things in your bag. So that even if you are getting late, still you can use it while travelling. At least you won’t waste time looking for these and gathering up.

Sleep in your workout clothes – If the first thing you do in morning is workout, then you can save some time by sleeping in your workout clothes. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated before and after workout.

File everything – You can use files and clear bags etc. To store all your assignments and reference material according to different subjects. It will help you lot in your exams.

Protein bars and fruits – Keep these handy so that if you even miss your breakfast if will provide you energy throughout the day.

Post your daily routine – Establish a morning and bedtime schedule with a checklist that gets displayed proudly on wall and don’t forget anything. You can also use phone for setting up reminder for important instructions and material required.

Apply these things in your daily routine and hope it will help you a lot in long term. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Also, if you too have some talent like writing, anchoring, photography, graphic designing and videography. Join P.U. Mirror team and let yourself grow with us.

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