8 Things you’ll relate to if you have Anger Issues


Most of the students in Panjab University are North-Indians. And here’s a common thing about North-Indians, we have major anger issues. Well, most of us do. That’s one of the characteristics that we are so famous for around the country. Some of us are proud of this nature, and the others are trying to handle their anger and the troubles caused by it. Let’s get it straight, the world may see it as us being spoiled or brattish, but things are actually different. It’s a natural problem that we lack control on. We try to push it back, but anger is like an arrow to a bow, the more we pull it backwards, the farther it shoots itself.


So now, I’ll try and figure out a bunch of things people with anger issues go through and will relate to.

Everyone tells you to chill.

“You’re angry right? Come on! Just chill, you really need to learn how to chill.” This is the most pathetic thing people will say to you. Like wow, thank you for that advice, that totally helped me control my anger that I’ve been trying to control for years now. You should totally become a psychologist and cure people.


Everyone thinks you are angry when you aren’t.

“You’re mad right? You gotta be mad! How can you not be mad!” Well I actually wasn’t, but now that you’ve asked me 22 times, and given 30 probable reasons to why I should be mad, I’m mad. Thank you so freaking much.


You are not good with relationships.

Relationships just aren’t your thing. You worry too much and end up hurting yourself and your partner. Your anger outbursts are fatal to your relationship and you end up saying and doing things you shouldn’t have. The more you feel emotionally, the more will your fights destroy your mental peace.


You get abusive.

Cursing is the best way to get your anger out. You say the words you aren’t supposed to, and end up getting glances of shock by people around you. Things get worse if you’re a girl, and get way worse if you end up blurting them around your parents.

a5Anger makes you a different person

You may be a rational thinker with a resting happy face, but your anger can transform you into someone else. You surprise the people around you with your outbursts, but more than them you surprise yourself with your ability to destroy when it goes out of hand.

a6Post-anger introspection

After the damage has been done, you sit back and think about all you have done. What made you angry, what you did, was it right or wrong, if you could have or should have avoided it and the worst, if you regret it. It’s terrible if the regret sets in, as there is no good crying over spilled milk.

a7The covering up

It’s a stage where you realize the wrong you did when you were angry and then try to make up for it. You make apologies and justifications for your actions, but it’s difficult because they were done by this other crazy side of

a8Over-caring and Over-thinking.

The main reason why people like us are the way we are is because we care too much and we over-think everything, and things get worse because others fail to understand this.

We should pretty much end this article by telling you ways to tackle these issues or telling you to accept them as a part of you. But we had any idea how to do that, we wouldn’t be writing this article in the first place.

But we can definitely give a shout out to you all!

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