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For those who don’t know Lilly Singh, better known as Superwoman, please go and check out her YouTube videos/vlogs. She has been the persistently rising YouTube superstar since the last 6 years. She is a growing inspiration to millions of people, who ardently follow her on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.
Now that this inspiration is touring Mumbai, Hyderabad and New Delhi on April 19, 20 and 21 respectively for the promotion of her book, “How To Be A Bawse”, here are a few things we learnt over the years from this surreal person:
1) Be Grateful:  
Being grateful is equivalent to being grounded. No matter how far she has reached in terms of her goals or her fame, she is still the same Lilly Singh she was years back. It’s quite natural to feel ‘all precious’ once you’ve touched the heights that she has. But the reason you are on top is because people allowed you to be lifted. The opportunities, the situations, the busy schedules you find yourself in are because the folks around you created them. Therefore, be grateful for the success you’ve earned. It’s what you’ve achieved through the efforts of multiple people.
2) Humour Is The Best Medicine
Through the seemingly insurmountable challenges, the brain wrenching difficulties and the never-ending pain that life throws at you, it is most imperative for you to steer through all of it, with a huge, cheek splitting, relentless smile. Nobody can fathom how efficiently she uses humor to cheer herself up (and others) in times of immense stress. Therefore, learn that a little sense of humor is definitely needed since it always lightens moods up. Never be too serious. Everybody has got deadlines, only some enjoy the journey from the initial time investment to the final accomplishment.
3) Love What You Do: 
No exaggeration needed! You will be best in what you do best.
4) There Is No End To Your Creativity:
Creativity is not only related to making fancy artistic cards or composing mind blowing songs, it is very much present in every field you can most likely think of-management, science, technology, literature, and so forth. Superwoman’s mind is always on the move. The ideas come to her naturally-only when she sits herself down, in isolation and in absolute peace. The moment you stop thinking is the moment you invite monotony to the humdrum of your life. Thus, avoid this stoppage. Once you inculcate this in your daily routine, you will see yourself exploding with some mind baffling ideas.
5) Surround Yourself With Positive People:
Superwoman has her own team that she works with. These people help her push her own boundaries beyond limits and they inspire her to work better and in time. Thus, the path to your goals will undoubtedly involve interaction with an incredibly long list of people. Pick your own core group of such  awe-inspiring people who will direct you to the right way, brighten your wits and be your lighthouse. This doesn’t mean you are indifferent to the others. Just know who your guiding stars are. This core group will infuse you with all the vital mental and emotional essentials.
6) Imperfections Mean You Are Only Human:
Lilly Singh talks about her ‘facial beauty’ imperfections in the most animated way possible. She unashamedly announces her professional flaws on camera and possibly never regrets.
Hence, know that we are all human! You’ll be freed of all your insecurities the instant you realize this! We all have our own share of weaknesses and our fine points. Acceptance is the key to a positive attitude. Rather than focusing on your defects, widen your gaze as to how your godsend gifts could benefit you. Further build on them.
7) Dreams Come True If You Work Hard Enough:
work-hardLilly started making videos more than 10 years back. She learnt, improvised, learnt more and then progressed. ‘Honor your commitments’ has been her subtle takeaway in almost all her videos.
Ascendancies demand hard work, effort, time and genuine interest. Your mother has been able to cook those wonderful meals only because she poured her heart out in making even the simplest dishes. Learn to pour your heart in whatever you pursue.
 8) Spread Love And Laughter:
superYour own behavior, nature and positivity are going to be the pivot around which other people’s day and productivity would depend. Being nasty, drab, unhappy and impolite will be detrimental to your neighbouring folks. Just like you expect others to positively add on to your distress, you are expected to similarly impact and contribute positively to their proceedings of the day. Be the person who is always smiling, forever spreading love and sprinkling happiness around!

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Nimrat (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Honest, lighthearted and compassionate. All about happiness and positivity. Overtly enthusiastic about Bullets, badminton and soulful conversations. Prefers humor over boring.


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