8 Things to do this diwali season

Diwali season’s bucket list
So Diwali is right around the corner and its literally gotten difficult to keep pace with the overwhelming excitement.The excitement to dress up ,excitement to eat lots of sweets,excitement to meet friends and fellows and most importantly the excitement to burn tonns and tonns of crackers !
So PU MIRROR brings to you a list of things to do this DIWALI Season !!!
1. Eat Like Never Before
Now,if its food that we are talking about, have no second thoughts,its the festival season and what time better to hog on sweets and all other sort of desi junk.
But lets be clear, if there’s going to be alot of hogging ,there’s also going to be workout later!(sighs)
2.Dress Up-Deck Up and Flaunt all your ethinic wear 
This Diwali dress your best and flaunt all the pretty suits and sherwanis you’ve got.To be precise ‘Dress to Impress’,mostly because ‘Diwali hai aur Dhamka lagna hai’!
diwali 3
3.Let your house feel Diwali
We Indians leave no stone unturned when it comes to illuminating and decorating our houses to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and this year too, make your house gleam,glow and glitter like no other!
4.Everyone is Family
There needs to be no occasion to spread good vibes ,but we suggest you make peace with all foes this Diwali beacuse we Punjabi’s in particular believe that Everyone’s Family. Brighten Your Life.
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5.Burn tons of Crackers
The first thing to strike our minds when we hear of ‘Diwali’ is ‘CRACKERS’,so make sure you celebrate  Diwali in the best spirits,but also remember to play safe and keep aside burnt crackers and clean all the mess you make ,because we all want a Swach Bharat post Diwali,dont we ? (PS:- We’d love to see Swach Bharat on other days too)
 imagejpeg (4)
Don’t just decorate yourself,but also decorate your floors with ‘Rangoli’. Be it colourful or plain white,a rangoli is a rangoli and nothing can take away its charm.So bring out the artist in you and let everyone envy your rangoli.
 diwali 2
7. Diwali Card Parties
No.No.No, No one here supports the Diwali card party,I mean seriously ,we have the entire year to ourselves,then why make Diwali a Gambing party! Try enjoying festivals the way they are meant to be and maybe ,this way ,they make more sense !
 diwali 5
8.Uncloud A Poor’s House
With so much to ourselves,only some are willing to share ,this year,make yourself one of them,Spread Happiness and you’ll know how full that makes you.
Brighten a needy’s shelter and make their Diwali Dhamakedar!
 imagejpeg (5)
With so much to do,we assume you are already busy.So have fun doing Diwali Preps and between all chores ,dont forget to indulge yourself in the festive season ! Don’t forget to comment and let others know what you did.
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