7 types of students found during examinations


It is that time of the year when the apocalypse is upon all students and they tend to suffer a transition series of characteristics inside out due to the monthly doom of the events which they term as ‘examinations’. This phase seems to bring about quite a few changes in a student. So below are a few of the types which we encounter during this scenario and see how much it is actually relate-able.

THE NERD HERD: We all have those typical friends who, since the beginning of the semester, are worried about acing the exams and hit the books months before the date sheet is out. Also, they’re the ones who come to the rescue of those who start studying a day before!


THE ALOOF WOLF: ‘Do not study the whole semester; do not study during the exams either’ is apparently the motto of these carefree doves. Results don’t matter, what matter is enjoying the life. More like Indian version of YOLO, eh?


THE DECEPTICONS :These are the type who like to maintain a deception, rather a lie, that they don’t study or aren’t prepared. Until the very hour of the exam they would yell “Bhai kuch nhi padhha sach keh raha hun”, liars, who say they haven’t studied yet end up scoring more than everyone else.


THE HIT THE PANIC BUTTON TYPE: ‘OMG the date sheet is out. Just a week left and I’m not even prepared with half of the syllabus. How am I going to pass?’ Such people hit the switch and the sirens just don’t go off till the last minute. There shall be hooks, and there shall be crooks, but they tend to get their work done in the last moment.
(Not to mention the fact that they usually tend to score well anyhow.)


THE NETFLIX AND CHILL TYPE: (When it’s actually Netflix and chill). ‘Oh I think I’ll run the Game of thrones marathon before my chemistry exam or the LOTR trilogy. Duh! So many things to watch and that is making me capricious.’ Enough said about this type, I reckon?


THE FOODIE GANG: This goes out to all the eat-a-lots! Tensed due to exams? We eat. Excited about them? We eat. How to prepare? Doesn’t matter, we still eat.


THE SEASONAL SAINTS We all know that one guy who begins his regime of visiting temples and reciting Chalisa and burning incense sticks to please all his Gods. Who to blame? The education system? The syllabus setters? The students? Or the Gods who put these kids to test?


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