7 Signs of the Ultimate Foodie


The world is basically occupied by two kinds of people. People who LIKE food and people who LOVE food. You know you fall in the second category if you’re already craving a burger.
George Bernard Shaw very ‘tastefully’ summed up the basis of my entire short existence ,
“There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ” 

Visions of Oreo shake, StuC ke rajma rice, spring rolls, papri chaat and… a zillion other recipes unknown and unseen are what drive me to wake up each morning.
So, grab an apple ( you just had a Silk didn’t you? ) and read on to find out how many traits of the ultimate foodie you possess!

  1. Mission Feed the World


You are not just content with simply eating food. Food needs to be described in all its glory to all those around you and tasted AND appreciated as well (phew!)

Dragging your friend all the way  that teeny tiny shop ‘cuz it sells the best momos? Everyday Business.

2. Food for Thought


Breakfast : Oh this is good. I wonder what’s for lunch. Pizza I hope.
Lunch : I am in LOVE with this Biryani. I wonder if we can try out that new place for dinner. It has the best…. And so on. Your mind is practically two steps ahead of your tongue, planning the next meal while eating the first one ! 

3. Food Wars


You love talking about food probably more than you like eating it. All those free seconds not spent eating, ( Damn) are whiled away in talking about it.   Discussions over which place serves the best chicken tikka are so passionately held, they’d put Arnab Goswami to shame. 

4. #Foodtechs and #Foodporn


Guilty as charged. Yes, we foodies can be the kind of irritating people who will make our friends wait until we get a perfect shot of the delicious bounty in front of us. Our Instagram looks more like a  Sanjeev Kapoor recipe book sometimes but well… We’re lovin it !

5. Diet what??

dietThe only concept of diet known to us is probably diet soda, barring which, no such word exists in our dictionaries. Food is happiness and happiness comes without restrictions. So bring it on!

6. No matter the cost


The one problem every food-a-holic suffers from , is shortage of money ,for we practically EAT our pocket money. But these trivial things do not matter when you have such AMAZING friends willingly (Read : Under conditions of blackmail) buying you food !

7. Live to Eat

b5These words sum up the motto of your life. Dreams of exploring new cuisines, trying out new dishes is probably one of your #lifegoals. No occasion is complete without food, be it a late night Maggi session,  a Sunday family brunch or the after effects of a bad breakup. (ice cream to the rescue)

So revel in being the ultimate foodie and spread the food- mania all around! Bon appetit !!

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Aru Goel

Aru Goel (BDS, PU Campus)

A dentist in the making at HSJ Institute. If I could make a fortune out of reading books, that’s what I’d be doing right now ! A die hard romantic at heart, huge foodie and dreamer of a thousand dreams… 



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