7 reasons to take NCC in first-year admission!


If you have ever been a part of NCC, you will know how much it gives you! You get all kind of good looks from the strangers, just when you say that you belong to National Cadet Corps. “So Army guy you are, aren’t you?” is the common reaction you get, not to mention using it as an excuse to bunk the lectures (Don’t lie! You all have done that, either for attendance or for saving oneself from scoldings).


And just as the admission session is on, here are the reasons for the to-be first yearlies to join NCC, if decided otherwise!


  • Leadership qualities:


If not anything else, one aspect that NCC guarantees to add on to your personality is leadership! It’s the main aim of NCC, i.e. to produce the future leaders and make better citizens.

  • Discipline is the word


NCC makes you disciplined. You become a better person and you definitely feel the change in yourself. Who knows, you might end up changing from a ’12pm wake up person’ to a ‘4am jogger’.

  • Get out of home


NCC is the best way to get out of home and relax your mind. You have all the camps going on and that is enough to give you a good boost.

  • Exercise for free


You got it right. Now there’s no need to go to the gym. Join NCC and get toned body for free. (6 Pack-Abs rock!)


  • Be Bear Grylls!


You are exposed to many things, such as firing, drills and camping. That will mark a difference from stupidly shouting out and inviting animals to feed on you, when you get struck on an island, to being good enough to survive until help comes.

  • Good friends


Oh man! Friends are the best part of NCC. Even after 40 years of it, you have those friends who are always by your side, whenever need be. My father is a living example of it. Soldier’s trait!

  • Platform to join Defence

ncc 6

On a serious note, the best way to join the Indian Army, Air Force or Navy is by being a part of something national. And what’s better than National Cadet Corps? Not to mention, that you get special privilege when you give interviews and competitive examinations.


Being a part of NCC is fun. You get a lot of josh. And that can be of anything; from that of competing with the other cadets in the nation, to simply be able to watch a movie before your friend does! Yes, that’s how it goes.


So if you are confused between whether or not to take NCC in first year, close your eyes and grab the opportunity! Trust, that you will be proud of this choice!

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