7 Last minute tips to ace exams


Every student is familiar with being stuck under a pile of notes right before the exams. The imbalanced proportion of the syllabus to be gobbled up to that of the time left for the exams is a nightmare. But there’s always a way out of every tunnel.

Here are some Last minute preparation tips which can help while the deadline is on the head.

  1. De-digitalise : 


Unplugging the computer or laptop is foremost thing to do during exams. Simply because it’s too tempting to go and log into Facebook and tell people ‘What’s on your mind’. One should switch off their phone too while studying. (One distraction too many!)


  1. Starting out with the sun:


Just like worms, facts are at their most available and digestible form, early in the morning. Get up early, start revising at 8 am and one is done with their bulk of revision in a quick and ordered way, so they don’t spend the whole day in front of the pile of A4 folders.


  1. Mnemonics to the rescue:


The word stands for Make Names Easily Memorable by Organising Nominated Initial Characters. With this technique, lists and codes can be learned in the form of acronyms or sentences. So one can memorize the entire periodic table by the help of their weird one liners or the planets of the solar system in order while wondering why ‘MVery Educated Mother Just Served UNine Pizzas’ 😉


  1. Ask Questions to Yourself:


Facts are lethargic and lie piled up inside the head, without giving off any signs of life. One can, however, awaken them through the power of questions. So while making notes, don’t just write down “The Battle of Naseby was fought in 1645”; instead, put “When was the Battle of Naseby?” in one column, and write “1645” in an opposite column. Cover up the answer and on the right attempt, give a proud pat on the back.


  1. Meditation:


Sounds quiet and old , but it’s a great way to improve one’s concentration and retaining capacity. So fetch out 20 minutes from the schedule and forget about the notes, close eye , and breathe. Fans away a lot of stress. Or listen to some psychedelic trance. Little ‘trips’ in between can be refreshing.


  1. Act out the Revolution:


This is a very entertaining and a fruitful way of learning long stories. Calling a classmate over and enacting out the scenes from parts of the chapter will fix the theme permanently in the mind because it has been worked upon. So the Reign of Terror or The Storming of the Bastille aren’t so depressing anymore.


  1. Quality time:



Ask friends over for a revision session. With things like dates and vocabulary, it’s always better if someone else is testing , rather than one testing themselves (and peeking at the answers). And also, it’s relieving to know that all the friends are on the same page. So there comes a ‘ we die together’ situation, which is assuring, believe it or not.


Just have faith. And get ready to step the examination hall. And say, “Rab rakha!”

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