7 Hilarious Things guys growing a beard will relate to.


1.The ‘Are you depressed?’ reaction from friends and family:

No matter how happy you are with your life, if you start growing a beard you are labelled ‘depressed’, according to everyone around you. Desi moms are the first ones to draw the connection that their ‘munda’ is low and probably it’s a ‘Kudi-shudi da chakkar’. Because as we all know leading psychologists believe the growth of facial hair is directly related to poor mental health.

Pros: More makkhan on your parantha at home.

Beard 2

2.The debate between your friends about whether it suits you or not:

The constant and never-ending debate that you looked better without the beard or look better with it. Ironically their views are never the same. NEVER. They vary every time. EVERY TIME.

beard 3


3.The weird nicknames you keep getting by virtue of your beard:

Many of which include ‘chor’, ‘uncle’, ‘dukhikavi’, ‘struggling writer’, ‘Drug dealer’, ‘Criminal’ and ‘sharaabi’. Because crime, alcoholism and any hardship automatically leads to a beard.

beard 4

4.The itchiness

Oh the itchiness! The itchiness that makes you want to scratch your face so hard that you could rip your skin off. Not to forget, forgetting how your skin used to feel without the beard. What used to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom is soon at the bottom of the level of smoothness. More like a mutant sandpaper. On your face.

Beard 55. The feeling of superiority amongst your friends

Yes, if you can grow a beard in your group you easily feel like Mufasa from LionKing, or Leonidas from 300. It’s like your face has a sweater on while other’s isn’t wearing much. Or rather your face is wearing a suit while others’ faces are wearing casuals to a party. Win by default. Even if you look like a monkey with that beard.

beard 6

6. Having to face a beast every time you look into a mirror

…a sexy beast 😉

Beard 7


  • Not having to shave everyday

Not having to take a sharp metal blade and rub it against your face till the hair get scraped away and bleeding every time you take a slight wrong manoeuvre and applying an awful liquid ointment that burns your face and sends it to hell, every time you grow a little facial hair. Ahh, bliss!

beard 8

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