7 Funniest Male Sitcom Characters of the Past 20 Years

  1. Tobias Funke- Arrested Development (2003-2006/2013)

      An ex anal-rapist (analyst and therapist) and a struggling actor during the show’s run, this man is probably the funniest one on the show. What sets him apart from the rest of the cast and perhaps the world is his total inability to choose the right words in just about any given sentence. The constant flow of hilarious (homo) sexual double-entendres (words with two interpretations)- to which he is utterly oblivious- are the icing on the cake of this surreal character who claims to be straight man. He also suffers from a severe and so far incurable condition named the never-nude syndrome, which prevents him from being nude even when taking a shower. Although the show got cancelled after 2006, but was brought back in 2013 after popular demand and Tobias strongly seems to be one of the reason for that.


  1. FEZ- That 70s Show (1998-2006)

He is the shows foreign exchange student, for which an abbreviation would be F.E.S. but the producers must have preferred F.E.Z. His country of origin is never stated, a continual joke on the program. His accent, his personality and his obsession with candy, sex, and girlie magazines, and his trade mark “I said good day!” would just crack up anyone. Most importantly Fez does what all great characters do- he grows with the show and keeps getting better. At the start of the show he seems to be odd and shy, but at the end becomes a ladies’ man, but still whenever he opens his mouth something funny comes out, like on one episode he tells Kelso that while swimming in a public pool he saw “one and a half boobies”. To sum it up, Fez was the best character on the show.


  1. Joey Tribbiani- F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (1994-2004)

Being a part of one of the most iconic shows always puts you in limelight, but a show only becomes iconic because of its characters, and Joey was definitely one of them.  A struggling actor and womanizer in his late 20s, living in New York City, he is portrayed as casual and stupid/silly most of the times which lands him up in hilarious situations, like when he gets his head stuck into a thanksgiving turkey or when his foreskin (made up of silly putty) falls off while giving an audition and he says,” well that’s never happened before”. His conditions of not sharing food, or Hugsy( his “bedtime penguin pal”) whom he is very fond of, just makes him look adorable for the girls and funny for the guys at the same time. But, despite of this he is shown to be very protective and supportive when it comes to his friends. Most importantly, his moments with his roommate-cum- best friend Chandler, will always be unforgettable, whether if it was winning the apartment in the bet, or ordering an escort instead of a stripper for chandler’s bachelor party, and who could forget his catchphrase to pick up ladies “How You Doin’ ?”


  1. Barney Stinson- How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)

If there’s one thing about this show that people won’t ever forget, it is Barney Stinson and his awesomeness. He is a manipulative, oversexed businessman in his thirties, who engages in various ploys or tricks, even magic tricks to sleep with women and then leave them, collectively calling these ploys as the infamous ‘Playbook’. Barney is the kind of guy who would create crazy situations, and then sit back and watch it all go down, despite of this he is highly competitive, and will take on nearly impossible challenges using one his catchphrases “challenge accepted”, like the time when he accepts Marshal’s challenge to run in the New York City marathon without any training, although he succeeds but isn’t able to get up after that. He has a fantasy for suits, as he is always seen wearing a suit and telling others (especially his best friend Ted) to “Suit Up”, and living by the “Bro Code”, his own code of ethics. But most importantly his main aim is to create moments that would be Legend’wait-for-it’dary. In short, Barney was the main man to make this show go on for such a long time, and the breakout character.


  1. Sheldon Copper- Big Bang Theory (2007-present)

If you thought physicists couldn’t be funny, this guy would prove you wrong every time. Sheldon is a senior physicist at Caltech who shares an apartment with his colleague and best friend Leonard. A former child prodigy with genius level IQ, but displays an almost total lack of social skills, weak understanding of humor, irony and sarcasm in other people, although he himself often employs them using the catchphrase “BAZINGA”. He exhibits a narcissistic behavior and a general lack of humility, which provide the majority of humor involving him. He possesses a superiority complex, but also possesses childlike qualities, of which he seems unaware, such as extreme stubbornness, often leading to arguments with the other group members (mostly Leonard, Howard and Penny) and creating hilarious situations. Usually the others out of frustration call him insane, to which he always clarifies that he isn’t, as his mother got him checked. He isn’t a big fan of going out for drinks, but whenever he does consume alcohol, he ends up doing things which he would never do sober, like singing out loud, mooning an audience full of people, affectionately slapping his girlfriend Amy’s rear. But, despite of this he is loved by his friends.

Sheldon w

  1. Charlie Harper- Two and a Half Men (2003-2011)

     One doesn’t win four Primetime Emmy Awards unless he is Charlie (or Sheldon). The ultimate bachelor/playboy of Television who could get any woman without putting in any effort, Charlie prides himself on his lifestyle in Malibu, L.A. drinking, gambling, smoking cigars, driving luxury cars, and mocking his younger brother Alan are a part of his routine. Although, he is selfish and witty most of the times, but can be shown to be very caring, like letting Alan and Jake live in his house rent-free. While Charlie loves his nephew Jake, he often makes jokes revolving around Jake’s apparent lack of smarts, and states he is not a kid but a “glassy dwarf”. But, the few most important things about this character that people love are, first his relationship with his brother and mother, which could make any burst into laughter, second, his phobias, like commitment, spiders, change, hard work and his MOTHER, third, whenever he is on his piano composing jingles, and last whenever he got drunk or high. Although his character got killed off, but two and a half men wasn’t half as good without him.


  1. Chandler Bing- F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (1994-2004)

The one friend who we all would want to have in our life, as much loving, caring and supportive he is, the amount of humor he creates in the show, is unmatched. There’s not just one but a lot of reasons why he is the funniest, whether if it was the time he was hitting on Rachel, with his goatee and lame pick up lines, or sharing the cheesecake with her and saying, “I’m full, and yet I know if I’ll stop eating this, I’ll regret it” is something we all can relate to. Even in one of the most serious episodes, like when he proposes to Monica or when Rachel is saying goodbye to everyone, he still manages to sneak a joke or two. But, that’s not all, this guy defined sarcasm and the best “Shut Up” on TV , and if there’s any line to sum him up, it is his own,” I’m not good at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment”. If that wasn’t enough, you can watch the episodes when he is in a box and you can’t see him, he still manages to steal the show, and that is the ultimate proof that he is the funniest of all, and who can forget the funniest bromance moments between him and Joey. Could anyone be funnier that this guy? Nope.



If you think, we have missed any classic character; let us know who they are in the comments.

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