6 ‘Whatever’ Things About Valentine’s Day


1. The Real Story:
It is assumed that Valentine’s Day falls on a certain date because of some reason in the western civilisation. Most people who celebrate it are too busy to ask to think about the reason as to why this day is so special, and the true essence of it. Keeping the emotions aside, here is the real story.

Going into the third century B.C one of the greatest cities in the world was Rome, whose ruler was Claudius, the Second. Legend has it that he was very aggressive regarding the political affairs and waged a lot of wars. A shortage of soldiers lead him to believe that men hesitated to fight because of their families. So instead of giving them life insurance, he banned marriages in soldiers. At this time Saint Valentine broke this rule and married off soldiers in secret, after him the day was named.

2. Valentine’s In Today’s Culture:
Today the real meaning of love, romance and true dedication towards another person has long been forgotten; if Romeo and Juliet were in present times, they would have run away from home a long time ago and now would be divorced and cruising down the city playing “we don’t talk anymore” with a bottle of whatever they like (both of them mind). The distance between choice and trend has been reduced so much that the only choice today is who are you going to imitate. Being “in love” is a trend and hence has been reduced to the status of any other trend. It is not a big deal anymore, look around you, everyone is in love.

3. Why Just This Day?
The reason we chose the 14th of February is not because it was the birth anniversary of Saint Valentine but because it is a day in the natural calendar when the mating seasons of most animals start. Get your oxygen masks ready, love is literally in the air. For humans this is not true, we do not have biological cycles which decide mating times. In any rational person’s mind a very simple question arises, why just this one day to make your better half feel special, why not everyday. Small things done over a period of time always yield better results than a ton of effort made in a day.

4. No-one Wants To Be Alone:
Since today love is a trend, why would anyone want to be missing out on it. This socio-emotional pressure that comes with the idle of February is one of the most vulnerable times to make mistakes and be stuck in a toxic or pointless relationship. Just try to remember every person who made something good out of themselves did not do things simply because others were doing them, they did things because they wanted to do them. So if you are alone this Valentine’s Day, stay at home, splurge on good food and watch “Pyaar Ka Panchnama” or perhaps “Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2” (just the guys).

5. The Economic Angle:
What anyone chooses to do with their money is their decision, but it is kind of weird to see the huge economic impact of valentine’s day. The largest amount of flowers, chocolates, cards and even diamonds is bought during this time. Why march was chosen as the financial new year makes sense because economists wanted every financial new year to end with a blast. Rockefeller and his buddies must be smiling in their graves seeing how flowers and hearts are the picks and shovels and the 14th of February is the California gold rush.

6. Guys or Girls?
This particular topic is a sensitive one. It is generally believed that us guys are the ones who are supposed to make the day special. We never see a rush of girls in a card store, or maybe tiffany’s (LAME). Since it has been this way for thousands of years, it is generally acceptable. and yet the biggest buzz of the 21st century is equality. The axial problem in making equality a thing is that it is being implemented only on an individual’s comfort.

So, make the special man in your life feel extra special this year while he is probably stressed out on how yo make your 14th unforgettable.

After a few years, you may forget it, but he won’t, ever.

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Tarun Sharma (PGGC 11)

Tarun Sharma
(PGGC 11)

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