6 times when Brothers are dependent on their Sisters


It is surely every girls favourite festival and every boys nightmare. Yes you guessed it right, I am referring to the Festival of Raksha Bandhan . A festival that celebrates the eternal bond between a brother and sister. A bond where the brother silently promises to protect his sister from all the evils come what may. We have always been told or rather taught that every girl needs a brother. A brother who will act as her guardian angel and her messiah  . However it is not only a girl who requires a brother but boys too are equally and in fact as per our findings below much more dependent on their sisters.


1) Assignment Maker:

No matter we are in school or college. Whether it is homework or an assignment that never can be completed on time. The first person every brother in this world runs to is his darling sister . “I have made nearly 5-6 assignments for my brother in his school time. I still am avoiding requests to make college assignments” quips Harpreet Kaur from PGGC Girls , Sector 46 .


2) Midnight coffee sessions:

Yes its 1 am .You is busy brain storming and voila your sister drops in with a hot cup of coffee since Maggie is officially off the shelves now. Apparently she’s thoughtful enough to make one for you as well and maybe after maa ka pyaar this can be termed as behna ka pyaar !

Midnight Brew

3) Love Advisor:

So be it break up or patch up advise. From suggesting gifts for your girlfriend to actually making the effort to buy them on your behalf a sister really does it all. Every guy at least once in his life has gone to his sister to help him understand his girl because let’s just admit women know each other the best .


4) Acts as your part time stylist:

Let’s face it, no sister can resist commenting upon her brothers sense of style . Women are always updated about the latest fashion trends and no matter how much they laugh at their brothers but wouldn’t stand him being a public joke. Hence even when not asked they will not shy away from being fashion police for their bros.



5) Fixer of your hunger pangas :

Mom not at home . You of course don’t know how to cook . What do u do ? Simple . Get after your sisters life to feed you . ” Both my brothers are dependent on me for fixing a snack for them when moms not there . No matter how grown up they are , they wont shy away from asking me . And I kind of enjoy it .” shares Gurpreet , GGDSD College , 32 .



6) Savior from trouble:

Even though she is highly irritated with you , when it comes to shielding you from trouble whether from outside or home she will always do it without batting an eye lid . ” When i used to be small i got myself in trouble in school and my sister always defended me in front of my parents” reminisces Abhay, Dav College .


So All you boys out there kindly start valuing your sister. If we girls can’t do without brothers, boys surely for hell can’t do without sisters . And yes since we live in a society where the wings of a young girl are clipped at a very young age. Kindly Support your sisters in flying as high as they want to!

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