6 Things We All Do In an Examination Hall


Exam season is just around the corner (and for some unlucky ducks, it has already begun). We’re all running off to photocopy notes, hunt for books, and cram things we’ll probably forget- fast forward four hours and one “The Walking Dead” episode. Some people also get a bad case of jitters when they enter the cold, hard place they call “examination hall”. To make you feel like you’re not alone in this harsh world, here are 6 things we all do in there, while appearing for an exam:

  1. Get a song stuck in your head



You knew this was coming, didn’t you? The most amusingly horrifying, yet inevitable thing I have found is having a bizarre song stuck in my head during an exam. There’s nothing like solving equations to the backdrop of Eminem singing ‘doing doing doing’ in your head. Telling your brain to shut up doesn’t work- it only hits ‘play’ on the next song it has set up to distract you from the paper.

  2. Pretend to write when the invigilator walks by

For some reason we get really conscious when the invigilator walks past our bench. Some of us are content to endure boredom by means of our phones. But then there are some who are plain nosy and peek into your answers as they walk by. We all act like we are in a frenzy of writing when this happens. We wouldn’t want to look clueless- or worse- like we’re planning to copy off someone else’s sheet, would we?

  3. Peek into your bench mate’s answer sheet

It doesn’t matter which year they are in or what subject they have taken up. We all get to a mind-numbing point in the span of those three hours, when that random answer sheet seems more interesting than ours- until they stop and give you a sidelined weird look, after which you’ve got to go back to pretending you know the test.

  4. See someone take extra sheets and do the same

You go ‘Oh crap’ when that girl in the next row asks for an extra sheet, while you haven’t been able to fill even half the pages given to you. So you try- as much as humanely possible- to scribble long and wide, so you can look just as smart and ask for a sheet too (don’t even deny it).

  5.  Get distracted by mundane (read: weird) things

A stray bird outside the window, the invigilator chic’s sari, that boy next to you fiddling with his pen, the ‘College Roxxx’ scribbled on a desk- you name it. They provide a much-needed escape in the midst of those three long hours- and are infinitely more interesting than the dratted question paper.

  6.  Scribble furiously at the last moment

You could have remained stuck at a question for the last 20 minutes, could have procrastinated all through the duration of the exam, but as the clock nears the end of your time, it is as if every brain cell is charged up and ready to work. “How do you hope to do in two minutes, what you couldn’t do in two hours?” the invigilator says, but people seem to work better under pressure. There is just something about “Time up” that jolts your brain to activity.

The examiners laugh at our crushed hopes and dreams while we slog away. I’ve seen too many               examination halls to last me a lifetime, thank you- but seems like we’ll have to forge through some more. Good luck to all those who have exams this/next month! You’ll probably need it.


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