6 Things That MUN Does To You

What MUN does to you, is entirely dependent on how you perceive it; because each MUNer has his/her own story, whether they participate out of obligation or with interest. With another MUN approaching in Chandigarh, PU Mirror gives you six reasons to at least give it one try, before you completely abandon the idea 😛
1. Adds to your resume!
Employers find it impressive that you have diversified knowledge and active participation in extracurricular activities. By taking a step toward MUNs, you give yourself an upper edge. They serve as excellent conversation starters, wherein you can boast of all you learnt about multilateral relations while considering humanitarian interests, apart from developing your inter-personal skills.
2. Updates your general knowledge:
Since MUNs revolve around sensitive issues like human rights abuses, nuclear proliferation, state of refugees etc, these can be an excellent medium to keep up with significant events and international relations.
3. You can explore new dimensions:
MUNs provide a platform for you to think out of the box and learn new aspects of debating and deliberation. You understand the nature of governments and international laws while doing your research, which helps you to think on your feet during debate. You find yourself learning about different cultures, suffering of people during conflict, etc. You may not completely agree with the foreign policies of the country you represent, but it is on you, how you tactfully support it with diplomacy. Skills like these cannot be inculcated in daily routine.
4. Develops inter-personal skills:
Addressing a group of 100 people takes a lot of courage, your hands may be trembling behind that sheet of paper you’re holding, but when you move out, we promise, you’ll feel way more confident about your public speaking skills. Your interactions with people having varied opinions will help you to broaden your perspectives on critical issues. Also, you develop valuable skills of compromise, resolution writing, lobbying and teamwork.
5. Organize your own event!
One cannot understate the complexity involved in organizing an MUN. From approaching different institutes and diplomats to outside vendors to arranging for food and accommodation, an MUN demands all of your energy into making it a success. Once you have gone through the grill, you can go on to organize your event.
6. Makes lifelong relations:
The environment of MUNs helps you to grow in the most constructive way possible. You meet and interact with people having similar ideology and thoughts. You learn to collaborate with each other in a way that enriches your personality that helps you to break the barrier of hesitation and form lasting friendships with people from all over the world.

About the Author:

Apoorva Bajaj (UIET, PU Campus)

Apoorva Bajaj (UIET, PU Campus)

The author is a student of UIET, PU. Is a great foodie and loves exploring the charms of nature. Indulges in sharing life experiences and hearing out others’. Fiercely independent, she believes in standing up for what is right and desires honesty from companions. Unconventional and proud of it!



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