6 Things Indians should seriously start doing.


As the flight lands and my feet touch the foreign soil, my mind runs back to the territory I came from; where tradition changes from door to door,

responsibilities multiply by infinity as the moments pass by and become more numerous than the potholes on a road in Delhi,  pouring with greater intensity than that of the Mumbai rains! But again, when I see the maturity level of beings of this foreign soil coupled with the civic sense ,it makes me fall a little bit every day for this foreign soil. It makes me realise that I need to get this point across to my people and make my country a better place for that is my home, that is my house and it’s where my soul belongs!

My people need to understand that Shimla is no less than Switzerland and Pondi beach gives a tough competition to the candy beach of USA.

You just need to see, feel and change.

Here are 6 things my people have to do to make this nation, an incredibly amazing nation!



  1. Indians, you NEED to use that dustbin.


Yes, because that box is for you and me. It’s not a showcase from the wax museum which says, ‘don’t touch’ rather it says ‘use me’! So give your legs some exercise, walk a mile extra and leave the trash where it belongs.


  1. Countrymen, you NEED to cast your vote not vote your caste.


We do not want a criminal to be our representative , we are a bunch of morally and ethically sound personalities and we deserve more than just words, we deserve work !


  1. Respect your fellow Indians.


Well its ironical that Indians wants respect and equality from the outsiders, yet cant respect their own brothers. Wake up –Wake up India, if you don’t respect your people, nobody else does that either!

4.Say no to Bribe


You NEED to stop giving ₹ 200 to that ‘thulla’ when you’ve jumped the red light, because you do not have the license to kill any person who was following the signal and lost his life because of your stupidity.


  1. Citizens, You OUGHT to think of public property like it’s your own.


This is just a kind reminder that you do not destroy what’s yours, then why destroy whats not yours !

Yes,I am talking about the seat of the roadways bus on which you stuck a chewing gum, think about it!

  1. You NEED to stop blaming the government for anything and everything!


We Indians leave no stone unturned when it comes to blaming the goverennment, BUT WHY ALWAYS THEM ? Just a little question, does the government leave the TV on when you’re not using it or does the government leave the garbage on that corner of your street ? You need to do whats your to do and they’ll do what they have to .

Start today, Start now!

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