6 reasons why exam makes us run away


All of have been through the examinations. Class exams, boards, interviews, and the list goes on, till one could extend it. Life has gotten harder for these days. Previously, scoring even 60% was a big thing and now even the ones with 98% are suffering. Drastic change.

Life, as people say, is all about exams. We in reality give exams every now and then.

People usually say, that one should not judge kids on the basis of their marks. And, we see the same people doing opposite. Hypocrisy!


Today, just skills don’t matter. Thus, some people are finding ways to fight, while the others are finding it hard to even stand-up. There is pressure from all sides and it is getting harder to survive in this world.


  • Continuous exams are heart breaking

overloadExams come back haunting us every month or so. Since there are too many exams, we don’t even feel like studying and bringing up our score. To all those lazy lads, continuous exams are a torture. They end up praying to be seated next to a topper. And the toppers pray to get a score, i.e. more than what they expect.
At the end of the day, when we all get the result, there are some happy faces and some sad faces in every class.

  • Less marks always demotivate us

examEvery time we get less marks, we are so sad and demotivated, that we are unable to clear our minds. We start taking things so casually. Getting less marks becomes so much like us, that we, after some time are not even bothered by it. It becomes a part of our lifestyle(Seriously).

  • Classes are usually boring

boringLectures are usually boring. The teachers lack interests. The students lack interests. Both, the teacher and the students are somewhat sleep deprived. There’s a total lack of enthusiasm. Thus, the students dislike studying on a regular basis and usually mug-up during exam time. Since, we all have just mugged-up, we forget things during exams and also sometimes, the questions that we didn’t mug-up comes (we don’t have any chance of getting marks, other than cheating) and therefore, again we get less marks.


  • Pressure from parents

parentsUsually parents do put a lot of pressure on their kids to do well in class. In return the child gets so pressurized that he/she can’t see straight. The kids don’t know what’s happening to them.

  • Lack of enjoyment

All of us need that one spark in life, that spark, that makes us feel that we are alive. We all need some sort of enjoyment. We all need family and friends. We want to move and walk around in malls and market places. A child who always studies and gets 86% is no different from a child who enjoys and gets 76%. Therefore, we must enjoy our life. But this does not mean that we shouldn’t study.

  • Inferiority complex and Peer Pressure

Inferiority complex
Because our peer group is usually better than us, we start feeling little inferior. We start losing out confidence. We find it harder to even attend our classes. We feel like running away.

All that we can do now is just introspect and start working hard and enjoying our lives (two together is darn tough, yes bro). We all can do anything as long as we put our mind into it. Everybody is human. If  I can do it, then you too can.
Find out what you are good at and start living like a free bird. Nobody would like to be a bird in the golden cage.

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