6 Reasons Why America Chose Trump(ing) the Elections


November 8th, 2016: The United States of America buzzed about Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump as the citizens voted for the electoral college. In the end, one sustained; unexpected, dreaded and much opposed. Majority was taken home by Donald Trump (or Republican Party, to say).

Donald Trump’s misogynistic, racist and xenophobic rhetoric has been manifested time and again through videos and his words and tweets. You would think there was no chance in the world that this man could become the leader of a great democracy like America. But Oh, boy! Were we ever so wrong?

With December 19th being the date for the electoral college to vote for the Presidential candidate, we follow up with the countdown of reasons why 324th richest man in the world is officially going to become the most powerful man in America, unless the college dumps him for good.

1. White-Voter Class:
About 70% of voter class is young and white in America, out of which 63% of men and 53% of women voted for Trump. His major slice of the electorate comprised of blue-collared men, who don’t possess a college degree. Their dilemmas are what struck a chord with Trump’s relentless resonance: employment prospects, education opportunities, and a trustworthy representation in the Senate. This is one of the major reasons why he won in traditionally blue states (Democrats) like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Ironically, on an average, 42% of women voted for Trump. As our President, Mr. Mukherjee, puts it, “This is the celebration of people’s power.” Well, in a way it is. For good or not? *Rain check*

2. Terrorism or for a lack of a better epithet- Muslims:
Trump openly bashed the ISIS and other terrorist organizations along with muslims that have made America fall victim to human and property loss according to the president-elect. He, in one of the speeches, stated that he ‘would knock the hell out of the militant group (ISIS)‘. Also, Americans who feel betrayed by Obama’s lax gun care laws, that led to increasing ingrown wolf attacks (Florida attack in a gay pub) have also turned the tide over Democrats. Many voters felt eight years was enough and it was time for a change.

3. Hilary Clinton/Obama:
Trump thrives on isolationist propaganda. Whereas, Obama was the harbinger of more globalization and his proposition for a multi-cultural society has badly affected the American middle class. When resources got disbursed, livelihood eked. His maiden health program, ‘Obamacare’ and the debatable foreign policies also didn’t work well for the voting class. Hilary Clinton is a tested case and hence hugely unpopular with nearly 70% of all voters thinking she represents the way of manipulative politics. Many feel that the issues she was raising now wouldn’t have become one, if the right steps were taken at the right time. Also, FBI’s initiating another probe of her mails at the crucial time of the elections seemed to have worked in Trump’s favor.

Trump also placed many accusations against the establishment (NATO, Climate change Pact, Trans Pacific Partnership with China, Iraq deal, John McCain). These allegations are not proven yet but percolated an impression among the voters.

4. Immigration and Drug Menace:
He infamously wants to build a wall across Mexico and prevent infiltration of drugs and terrorism in the land. Citizens’ life has been affected by the same, and hence they felt it better to vote for Trump who has missed no words to express his dissatisfaction with the immigrant class, in complete contrast to Clinton’s diplomatic approach. His rhetoric gave border states a refresher and they thronged to vote for his victory.

5. Bernie Sanders:
There is a good proportion of American voters who felt that Sanders, who lost to Clinton as the Democrats nomination, was a better representative of the party. Many voters were fazed when the final nomination took place and couldn’t digest Clinton as their leader. These voters majorly refrained from voting in the election as they felt it preposterous to choose between Clinton (insider) and Trump (outsider). Their lack of votes sailed the ship for Republicans.

6. The Anti-Conventional Political System:
This class of voters were fed up of the orthodox notions of politics. Believe something, and do something entirely else. Being an outsider, Trump has no experience in public office. His journey from Trump Towers to Oval Office began with a twitter handle. This is one of the major reasons behind his victory over the swing states like Arizona, Florida and Ohio as he openly shook the decent standards of campaigning. His ‘Lets shake this up’ ideology by being controversial about almost everything (remember: Mr. Khan and the constitution bit, and Ms. Piggy comment) that was suffixed by his thoughtless maverick statements excited a lot of voters. This blow to stagnation paved the way for his victory.

In retrospect, Democracy, if nothing else, is uncertain. It is clear that majority of Americans didn’t want a diplomatic leader (gender aside), and refused to support a family dynasty. Rather they voted for the one who they know will not hold back his tongue in violently opposing the issues that affect the American (mostly white) society.  ‘Make America great again’ or ‘God save America’- which of the posters will reflect reality is what we are left to see. Meanwhile, Americans can undoubtedly add another shocker to the date- 9/11.

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Sakshi Awasthy (MCM DAV 36)

Sakshi Awasthy
(MCM DAV 36)

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