6 Reasons Why Adopting A Dog Is Better Than Buying It


It’s a matter of love vs profits

Nobody can resist those cute faces and wagging tails, every time those dogs commercials come on TV. Dogs are indeed an excellent stress buster, and they are more than capable of lifting your mood whenever you’re down. Dogs are your companions, protectors and watchmen. They give you unconditional love and affection, and are also known to improve physical health of their owners.

So when you decide to bring home a new life, you have to make a major decision; that is, whether to buy your dog or adopt it. This is where we come in! Dogs can become an essential part of your life, and thus it’s important that you bring home a special one.

Adoption is always better than buying. By adopting a dog, you give them a new home and also create a place in the shelters for a new one. But when you buy a dog, you’re only encouraging outrageous and cruel practices by the breeders, who treat these animals as a source of their income. Here are a few more reasons why adopting is multiple times better than buying!



Most dogs on sale come from breeders or puppy mills. These puppy mills are commercialized breeding factories, where the dogs are a mere source of income. These puppy mills have poor sanitation and dirty environments, where these unfortunate animals are cramped up in a room and only taken out to breed. They are kept there devoid of any love and the mothers often become very sick due to repeated reproduction. When you buy a dog, you encourage such practices and reward this behaviour with your money. Whereas when you take a dog home from a shelter, you are giving home to a homeless dog and are also discouraging the puppy mills.\


Most of the dogs end up in the shelter due to abandonment from their home, which could be due to various reasons like divorce, change of places, lack of time etc. So as a result, most of the puppies are already potty trained and more familiar with the home environment. In contrast, buying a puppy from the breeder is like taking home a new born baby. They would require you to put all the effort on their training and grooming.


It is true. When you buy from a pet shop, they will charge you heavily, going by their costs which include breeding the puppies in a factory, cost of the facility in which they live in, and other such expenses. Where as, when you take home a pet from a shelter, they will cost you a lot less, and will already be vaccinated and spayed or neutered when you take them home, which would otherwise cost you a lot.


Dogs from breeders are often pure breeds, who are likely to fall sick a lot more than the mixed breed dogs in the shelters. Also, the dogs with the breeders are kept in bad conditions and are not nurtured with enough love and care and thus, it increases their risk of falling sick or growing up with a health condition. So shelter dogs are mostly healthy and less likely to make you run to the vet.


Shelter dogs receive good care by the shelter volunteers and employees, and thus these people know the traits of the dogs in their shelters. When you go to a shelter, you chose from a great selection of dogs who have been nurtured with attention. So, you can chose from the dogs that best fit your personality and thus, are a perfect match for YOU. Not only this, if the dog does not settle in your home, or is not a good match, the shelters often take them back.


At the end of the day, it is the satisfaction that you get by seeing your goofy pets wagging tail, knowing that you saved a life of a dog that was abandoned or lost. Not only that, but you have also saved another life by creating a space for another dog in the shelter. You would have broken the cycle of extreme overpopulation by adopting a dog, and also discouraged the practice of the merciless puppy mills. By adopting a life, you contribute to the valuable charity. All this in addition to having a dog that loves you with all his heart, is definitely a reason to prefer adoption over buying.

 So we hope that all these reasons will guide you towards the overpopulated dog shelters and help you find your perfect mate!

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