6 Reason Why You Should Follow “Man Who Has It All”


There’s a page on Facebook by the name ‘Man Who Has It All’. If you haven’t already heard about it, it shares quotes written on pictures, like many other Facebook pages, but there’s a twist. The quotes are written in a way that they seem to be made by people living in a world where men and women switch their traditional roles.

The page is one of my favourites on Facebook, and here are six reasons it should be yours too:

1. It helps men understand privilege!


Image Courtesy: Man Who Has It All

Privilege can be a a tricky concept to understand, especially if you yourself are privileged. But this page sure will help you get exactly how privilege works. It does so by imagining situations where it is taken away from the privileged (men) and given to the underprivileged (women).

2. It makes feminism easy to understand!


Image Courtesy: Man Who Has It All

Ignorance surrounding feminism is a very real issue. Popular Indian celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan have denied being feminists while also saying they believe in gender equality, which is exactly what feminism is. This page not only tackles the ignorance surrounding feminism, but also makes a very strong case in favour of it.

3. It exposes bias where you never thought there was any!


Image Courtesy: Man Who Has It All

Gender bias is everywhere. And it is deep-rooted in all of us. Most of us automatically imagine a man when we hear words like Professor, historian, firefighter, engineer and doctor or a woman for librarian, nurse and housemaker. The bias is clearer in words such as mankind, cameraman, policeman, businessman and sportsmanship. There’s bias even in our treatment of male and female experiences. And the page addresses it all.

4. It exposes just how stupid meninism is!

Meninism is just a bunch of men who are too afraid to lose their privilege. They claim to be a movement for the rights of men. But more often than not, it’s the feminists who argue for male victims of sexual or domestic abuse, rights of homosexual and transgendered men and equal rights for men and women in general. What do meninists do? Hate on feminism, complain about the friendzone and mansplain.

5. The comment section is GOLD


Page: Man Who Has It All

The people commenting on the posts by the page have also adopted its style. And the results are AWESOME. See for yourself.

6. It reveals how toxic patriarchy is!


Image Courtesy: Man Who Has It All

By showing us what a female version of it will look like. Mothers and wives and women, in general, making the choices for men. Men being the ones “traditionally” supposed to be the homemakers. Cooking and cleaning are a man’s job in the world of the Man who has it all.

There’s even a book “From frazzled to fabulous”, a guide on “how to juggle a successful career, fatherhood, ‘me-time’, and looking good” authored by the ‘Man Who Has It All’.

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