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Most of the times we all read about Chandigarh-The City Beautiful, Shimla-The Queen of Hills, Kerala- The God’s own country, Pink City and many more places which are the tourist attractions of all times and meanwhile we forget those beautiful intermediary stations that actually adds to the beauty of the journey. Today I would like to tell you all about my hometown and the place I am in love with that have ample tourism scope if a proper impetus is given.

Mandi– a town on the bank of river Beas, land locked by lavishing green hills, breath taking natural beauty, beautiful lakes and of course beautiful people. It is the heart of Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh I would like to tell you all about that small town with bounteous adventure and astounding splendor. It is called as Choti Kashi or Small Varanasi owing to the huge number of temples that exist there mostly dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. It is the town blessed by tenth sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who stayed there for few months and sanctified the town. The town has recognized UNESCO sites, Panchvakhtar Temple being prominent among them for its architecture. The fresh air and splendid greenery is something that make one feel exultant.

The town has copious things for you. Let’s take a note of that:

Prashar lake– This is the most beautiful place that if you miss, you will be repenting for it. the lake is named after Prashar Rishi, and is encased in green gorge, the very site is spectacular and I bet for the visitors it is an eye-catching View!


Rewalsar lake or Tso Pema Lotus Lake is located on a mountain spur. With water, woodland and high hills, it presents a variety of natural beauty. It is a sacred spot for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, however, more or less it is a replica of Tibet in Mandi. Feeding the fishes is the most endearing part when one visit the place. There are numerous other places around the town providing ample adventure and enjoyment.


Mandi shivratri fair– A 7-day international fair is something that every mandyali waits for. It is an international fair, marking the celebration of Maha Shivrartri in the month of march. Whole town is studded with lights and the town becomes venue of grand celebration when all god and goddesses, more than 200 deities, assemble. The exciting part of the is star studded night show for 7 days consecutively, in which singers, international dance groups, local bands perform. It is a full packet of gratification.


Delicacies- For foodies there are number of appetizing delicacies. Tasty kachoris, siddu’s and mandyali dham comprising of sepu badi, khatta kaddu, mah ki dal and jhol served with rice are few famous mouthwatering local dishes.  Despite this there are various resorts that provide the type of food you want to eat, prominent are Visco Resorts, Manish Resorts, Hotel Rajmahal and Regent Palms, also some road side eating joints having much to serve you!!


For the shopaholics, there is a shopping complex with multi brand stores and one can fetch finest fashion over there. The people are welcoming and friendly. So next time if you are on NH-21, add three-four days more to your road trip and do visit the town. I am sure you will explore much more than I have mentioned and of course would be glad to see you there. HAPPY JOURNEY!!!!

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