5 Ways to Stay Positive


As students, we suffer from innumerable insecurities, unwarranted friendships and an extremely discordant life at times. We lose battles against time, procrastination, negativity and we usually surrender to the evil bitterness we have all gotten so accustomed to. Amidst this cruel madness, there are a lot of ways which could perhaps help you keep away from this negativity and invite happy vibes into your realm.

For starters, what is seemingly the most important thing to note is the faith and belief that it is your life, and you, only YOU, are the sole controller of it. Somebody’s wretched mood, strings of de-motivating words, or their contemptuous attitude should not deter you from being the best version of yourself. It is most unfortunate that most of us actually fall prey to this naivety of handing over the reins of our delight to someone else’s care. So dear reader follow the given steps to lead a happier and calmer life!

1) Stop Comparing:

pu-14“She is better than me!”
”What a life he is leading!”
These are the common comparing zones we usually find ourselves in and it perhaps kills all our positivity. The day you stop comparing your life with others is the day you will be truly content. Remember, everyone has their own share of struggles, their own share of failures and successes. So stop comparing and complaining and work for a better and completer life.

2) Focus on your strengths

pu-15How many times have you agonized over and moaned about your marks, your careless attitude, your silly mistakes or your lack of a certain skill? The problem with everyone is that we are too consumed in making up for our deficiencies that we actually end up overlooking our invaluable and precious strengths. Your happy-go-lucky nature, your inquisitiveness, your go-getter stance on almost everything, your innate passions and uncountable talents are the things we tend to lose sight of. It is imperative to focus on these, build on them and make the most of our potential. So accept your flaws and move on!

3) Stop talking about people

pu-17One poor habit most of us are impaired by is how we just can’t keep our noses out of other people’ lives and their business. You could self-patrol yourself in this sphere, by tracking your improvements on the reduction in your gossip sessions, or rebuking yourself in times of extreme show of interest in such situations.

4) Be more appreciative

pu-16Another trait you need to inculcate in your personality is to be more appreciative of your own achievements, your peer group and be more admirable of other people’s success. Once that person is commended for any specific good, even if it is as small as mentioning how good they look, you actually save yourself from taking the horrendous trip to planet jealousy. It comes off as very positive and the open declaration helps you to take your mind off of it. It will also easily help to extinguish the bitterness that you have accumulated over time and help you realize that key to being happy is cheering others up i.e. finding and learning the good in them.

5) Work your ass off

pu-18Finally, physical appearance has no credibility in this competitive world. Your list of achievements is what is going to make you or break you. Therefore, have faith in your diligent hard work, your extinct capabilities and your unparalleled outlook. Capitalize on these constructive thoughts. You will have magic looming all over you!

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Nimrat (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Honest, lighthearted and compassionate. All about happiness and positivity. Overtly enthusiastic about Bullets, badminton and soulful conversations. Prefers humor over boring.


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