5 Ways to Make Your Diwali Brighter


“Ravan banna bhi kahan aasaan
Ravan mein ahankaar tha, toh paschataap bhi tha
Ravan mein vaasna thi, to sayam bhi tha
Ravan mein Sita ke apharan ki takat thi, toh bina sehmati parai stree ko sparsh na karne ka sankalp bhi tha
Sita jeevit meli ye raam ki takat thi, par pavitra mili ye ravan ki maryada thi

Tumhare yug ka ravan acha tha,
Das ke das chehre, sab Bahar rakhta tha,
Mehsoos kiya hai kabhi us jalte hue raavan ka dukh
Jo saamne khadi bheed se baar baar puch raha tha.
“Tumme se koi ram hai kya?”

With the digitalization of our daily life, the festivals we celebrate have also become increasingly virtual. The above quote portrays the true essence of Diwali, which is ‘Achchai ki Burai Par Vijay,’ establishing the reign of ‘Dharma’. So to carry forward this tradition of doing good deed in the age of digital/ virtual Diwali, here are five ways to uphold the goodness that lies within us.

1.    Be a Santa Claus This Diwali

point-1-diwaliTo celebrate this Diwali selflessly, the first step you can take is to donate the stuff that is lying around your house but you never use. This is a very helpful activity for the people who are less fortunate than you. Things such as extra clothing, toys, and extra machinery in good condition can be donated in NGOs, which can act as a messenger to those in need.

2.    Use of Eco-Friendly Crackers in Community Fireworks

point-2-diwaliThe essence of the festival is to celebrate it with people. So instead of having separate celebrations at home, all the members of the community can pitch in together to hold a firecracker show with eco-friendly crackers, which would create a healthy environment as well as promote unity.

3.    Visit Old-Age Homes and Orphanages

point-3-diwaliOne of the most satisfying feeling one gets during the festive season is a visit to a place where you can meet pure souls. A visit to the old age home or/and orphanages has twin benefits, it helps in spreading the festive cheer and happiness among them and gives you some peace of mind and a feeling of fulfillment.

4.    Acknowledging People from Working Class

point-4-diwaliFrom the guards of the locality we live in to the soldiers at the border who live their lives protecting ours, everyone who makes your life a little easier, even if it is in a very small way, should be remembered and thanked while the festivities go on. This Diwali, you can go forward and send them postcards and make them feel special by including with yourself while the celebrations are in motion.

5.    Promoting Indian Markets

point-5-diwaliSince invent of Chinese and other foreign products in our markets, the sale of the native Indian product has fallen and many a lives have been affected by this. So this Diwali instead of buying the foreign product, support the Indian markets by buying diyas instead of fairy lights and Indian crackers instead of the foreign ones.

Chalo iss Diwali Khushiyan baantein.
These are just a few ways you can make a difference and make someone smile. Let us all make our Diwali a little brighter by spreading happiness and indulging in the true spirit of festivals.

We from the PU Mirror team wish you a very happy Diwali, may this Diwali bring lights within you and shove out the darkness.

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Pratibha Nehra (Dept. of English, PU Campus)

Pratibha Nehra
(Dept. of English, PU Campus)

I am an avid reader who not only loves to read but also loves to write. I love travelling and exploring new things. I crave the knowledge that comes along with every different experience.


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