5 ways to eat healthy during exams


I’m that typical procrastinator who spends 99% of her energy on PREPARING TO STUDY and 1% on actual studying. The highlight of the preparation process is choosing a snack for myself because, “I don’t want to be distracted midway, pshh.”

Over the years I’ve realized that this is an inevitable pattern and thankfully I’ve been able to zero down on a bunch of healthy eating habits that we can count on, in those dreadful examination days.

  • Stay hydrated.


It is essential that you consume water every hour to keep your mind and body functioning in top form. 



As tempting as those sweetmeats may seem, they’ll only give you a sugar fix in the short term. Their long term consequence will be crashing blood sugar levels that’ll result in fatigue, thus affecting your study schedule.

  • Eat at regular intervals.


While eating your standard three wholesome meals may seem like the right thing to do, it is always a smarter bet to eat 5 to 6 small meals, each at regular intervals, during your exams.

This not only gives you the regular energy that you need but also tricks your mind into believing that you are rewarding yourself for all the torture you’re enacting upon yourself.

  • Going Bananas? Good.


Fruits are the best thing you can treat yourself with, during your exams. Fruits offer clean energy (especially bananas, they get those happy hormones kicking).

  • Become Popeye

Popeye had it all sorted. Scientifically, the darker the colour of the vegetable, the higher the concentration of nutrients. So spinach should be your official exam homie.

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