5 Tricks To Warm Yourself Up In This Biting Cold

As lovely and romantic as snow looks on the screen, the reality is entirely different, especially when/if you are living in a city close to the mountains, where the temperature drops down as soon as the first snowflake touches the peaks. The romantic mood of the season is killed when we have to step out of our cosy beds and face the harsh cold winds outside. But here we bring you a few tricks to keep the cold at bay and enjoy the winters.
1. Lay Off The Booze:
Sure, it seems like a great idea to have some ‘patiala pegs’ to keep yourself warm and going but that warm feeling you get from that rum is heat rushing through your expanded blood vessels. That actually increases heat loss, putting you at a greater risk of getting chilly.
2. Find Shelter:
Even if you have to be outdoors, find a shelter to shun the chilly wind as that has a direct effect on your health. So even if you have to stay in your car or huddle in a ditch, find protection against the wind. You should also try wearing a wind resistant outer layer.
3. Synthetic and Wool:
As much as we love our light summery cotton dresses, this season calls for synthetic and wool fabric as much as possible as they provide better insulation. Some synthetic fabrics are designed to keep perspiration away from your body which keep you dry and further reduce your risk.
4. Eat! (You heard us right)
As if we needed another reason to add up the calories but hey! Its a great way to keep your body going and your body needs those calories to produce enough heat to stay warm.
5. Carry A Thermos:
Initially it does sound like a lot of work, but a thermos containing hot water can help you stay warm wherever you go. Take little sips throughout the day so that you don’t lose out on the moisture as well as it’ll give you sudden boosts of warmth. You can also opt for other liquids like coffee or tea but water works best, after all it is the elixir of life.

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Pratibha Nehra (Dept. of English)

Pratibha Nehra
(Dept. of English)

I’m an avid reader who has a passion for writing as well. I’m also a music buff and a fan of live music. I’m pursuing my masters degree from Panjab University and would love to become a food critic someday. If you like what I write, then do visit my blog – beyondallrationale.blogspot.in


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