5 tips to make her fall for you!


Men have never been able to figure out, what exactly would work for them to woo the love of their lives! In order to figure out girls, they’ve been screwing and complicating their own relationships. Here we are, with 5 things that will help you wade your way to her heart real soon!

  • Try winning her heart as a FRIEND first.
    You saw her and BAM! You fell for her. That’s how it is sometimes. But boys, if you jump right up to her door step, pull out a rose from your pocket and shove it in her face right away, all you are probably going to get is a big NO. Do not do this ever. Rather, try and win her as a friend first. Friendship weaves the little magic you need and then comes the love you’ve been looking for.



  • Don’t be CLINGY!
    Do no revolve around her like she’s the sun and you’re a poor little earth. If she notices that you’ve turned into a stalker, all she’s going to do is to tell you to mind your own business. So treat her like you would treat any other friend of yours, so that she learns to value YOUR presence as well.


  • MAKE HER LAUGH whenever she is around you!
    Make sure that your sense of humour has not fallen asleep in some dark corner of your head when she’s around.  Use your wit and be good company. When she’s with you, make sure she gets the happy vibe!



  • STAND BY HER through thick and thin!
    Always be there for her and by being there I don’t mean on her door step! Be there when she has no one. Make yourself that one indispensable friend of hers with whom she can share her deepest secrets and scariest problems.


  • LISTEN TO HER and care for her.
    Do not keep giving advices all the time; you can also listen to her sometimes. Be that shoulder on which she needs to cry on. Pep it up with a few caring gestures and once you’re here; she might already have fallen for you.


Once all this is done, just surprise her, say the right words and thank me later!

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