5 Things we dont like about Panjab University

  1. Trash: You know how we were taught as kids in school to dispose off the trash in the dustbin? Do you all remember? No? I will take the liberty of repeating those few magical words. THROW TRASH IN THE TRASH CAN. Dustbin. Garbage can. Waste bin. Any of these. Because, I swear, if you do not have problems in swallowing your food, while at Student Centre, due to all the flies and fragrant mayonnaise odour then you are not human. You are a highly evolved species which has adapted to the doings of the people; who really cannot do the simple uncalculated job of finding a dustbin and lowering their arm in a mechanical manner to simply place their leftovers in a specific contained vessel. Seriously, it is NOT rocket science.


  1. Washrooms: If we all don’t die of infections real soon, I will be surprised. There is water everywhere except where it should be; in the flush and in the taps. Americans talk about running out of toilet paper but we deal with the next level problem bitch. And because there is no water, sometimes the question of, how did the water manage to be all over the floor? , makes me cringe. And even when the water is available at the right place, there are those who cannot throw the trash in the trash cans; they manage not to flush either. I am just really amazed by how talented these people are and how they are just growing in numbers. Somebody really needs to check this evolutionary process because there is some real technical error man. Even a dog kicks dirt over his poop when he is done. So, doggy style?


  1. Dressing Culture: Can everybody calm their mammary glands? It is COLLEGE and NOT a fashion show. And if you like to dress up, good for you but stop judging people who struggle to even slip into their jeans for an 8 am lecture. I swear if I hear someone comment on someone wearing flip flops to college or their PJs to college I will throw you right in our sparkling clean washrooms. I am not joking, but I admire these women who can look flawless at 8: 45 am. I admire the gut of a woman who can wear heels to college and attend classes at the third floor. I admire how she limps later but hey, she looks real good while limping. The thing which I do not admire is how what a few wants turns into this peer pressure fiasco. So just please wear PJs to college if you want. Give as many fucks as the number of heels I own i.e., ZERO.

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  1. Judgmental People: Nobody really minds their own business out here. If you do not hear comments about everything you do or wear or speak or read then you, my friend, are DEAF. People WILL judge you by the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the songs you listen to, the people you hang out with etc. Not just talking about students, I can say this for the teachers also. You know girls rarely wear shorts to college here for obvious reasons, but once a MALE friend of mine was pointed out by a teacher as not to wear shorts to college. Why? Because fuck logic.

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  1. Infrastructure:


  1. FANS DON’T WORK in a lot of places. I think our attendance is shorter in summers just because of this reason. And I am sure nobody is in a very productive or focused state while sweating like a pig during a lecture. Don’t forget how everybody ends up being a stinking bag of flesh halfway through the day.
  2. The obsolete wooden long benches in lecture rooms may not hurt your butt but it is really a pain in the ass.
  3. The buildings look like they will crumble any minute now. They are not even painted regularly. And University Institute of Legal Studies is “UNIVERSITY INSTITU _ E” since I have been here.
  4. Law Auditorium which holds number auspicious gatherings is in a horrible state. My school auditorium was better than this. Broken seats, lack of proper ventilation etc.


These are just few of the things from a really long list which are not right about PU. The administration as well as the students can do really better than this. But we have all just decided to accept and live this way. We all deserve better, we need to realize that and try to achieve that.


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Roshni kaura (UILS, PU Campus)

Roshni kaura
(UILS, PU Campus)

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