5 things to watch out in UILS 30 days before EXAMS.

  • Lurking Presentations…Uufff!!

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Just about 30 days before exams when technically one should be sitting at home and studying, you will find students of UILS swarming the department dressed in salt and pepper. These students are the ones who have missed their presentation dates longs back, deliberately or not we all know, not just 3 or 4 days late but late in UILS means minimum of 15 days and are after the life of their respective subject teachers to take their presentations. The future lawyers hone their negotiation skills here the best in these days.

  • Long live the Photocopier and his Life Saving Machine!!


In just 30 days before the exams, the photocopier of UILS and the ones in the  vicinity mint more money than they do in their entire year altogether, like seriously man, can bet on the same. The reasons are manifold and very obvious as the department where reading in class and making notes is considered as ‘Just not my style’ or ‘This is so not me’. More over one needs to attend classes to make notes, which is a rare occasion here at UILS. So the rare ones who do, their notes act as saviours and the ones on which 90 per cent of the class depends. Also UILSian’s get anything and everything that comes their way photocopied, all sorts of notes and scribblings because you never know what might just pop up in the question paper as they themselves barely know as to what the syllabus is, so can’t risk it. Also they believe in both quality and quantity notes as it gives them sheer  satisfaction and peace of mind that they have all that it takes to prepare even if they know they won’t be able to read all that even once due to paucity of time. Difficult to read all that in just 3 or 4 days. Just saying!

  • Books….what books?? Are there any?

Here at UILS, according to the tradition, no one buys books in the beginning of the semester and it’s considered a taboo, more of a forbidden act to do so. Another reason behind it is, even if you try doing that, you end up buying the wrong one as in the beginning, or for that matter even by the end of the semester, NO one knows which book to refer and clouds of dilemma overshadow your will to buy a book.

  • Condonation Day: The Judgement Day.

judgementOne of the craziest days here at UILS, is the Condonation Day, our very own version of the Judgement Day. On this very day you get to see all sorts of students thronging the department, from the ‘Not so regular’ ones to the ones you even wonder study with you! You actually get to know more about the ones you thought you knew inside out on this very  day (according to their medical certificates). Jokes apart. Not to forget that UILS, often referred to as the Most Fashionable department and the Fashion Capital of PU, for some reason doesn’t seem to be all that fashionable and glamorous on this particular day. Maybe because the looks on the Judgement Day need to be in congruence with the declarations in hand. Right??

  • The Gedis can’t stop!!

gediOnce the UILSian’s are done with their  presentations and the notes are all arranged for, major chunk of their hard work is already done. Sitting at home and studying like the good kids is not just the way UILS functions. The Gedis continue till the very end and smart study is the way of life here at UILS. Just some UILS things!!

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