5 things to watch out for in every college election


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It is the most entertaining time of the year in any college, the election time. It is a mixture some funny cross questioning at time and even you get to see some brutal fights. Anyhow the non election active crowd get a lot to witness in a span of around two months.

There are a few things you should watch out for during the election period though, you don’t want to be involved in a brawl or a debate that is baseless (common among a few workers not the leaders) but you do want to enjoy seeing it from a safe distance. Here, is a list of five things that you can watch out for during elections.

  • In-class Speeches= during this span of around 2 months the motive of all the leaders is to influence the students and tell them their view point of the elections. This is done through effective speeches in a classroom. Find and empty class and bam they take their spot to speak-up, giving reasons to vote for them and not anyone else.
  • Cross questioning= This is a rarity to watch, but when done cross-questioning offers loud applauses and laughs. Suppose there is this leaders talking all about his party and criticising other parties and there is a student in that class listening all this who supports any other party. If he gets up and asks questions that are relevant then this sets up a great show case for all present.
  • Offerings and hand-outs= on the national stage parties give their voters some sort of gifts just to win their support and this is commonly done by everyone’s favourite “LIQUOR”. On the college level this is not done with the help of alcohol but a few other methods are taken like, picking up and dropping students from one place to other. Some give their cars to people they don’t even know just to ensure that a good relation buds up.
  • Fights= nothing to be amazed about is this? We see a lot of fights during the year and most of them are politics related and to be honest most of them are during the election time. You would like to maintain a safe distance from these. Everyone loves to see a fight but nobody will be keen on to be involved in one.
  • Yelled out slogans= when the elections are just around the corner say about a week to go then comes the most awaited moment of the election period, the slogan punting. Supporters gather out in large numbers and yell out loud the name of their candidate and their party.

All this is largely entertaining. Take this time to enjoy the flow of elections and do go and vote for the best candidate.


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