5 things to help you get over someone faster

Going to through a breakup can be tough. Really tough. We all have our own ways of dealing with it .Some do it in weeks , some in months. Some find it easy, others not so. But eventually we all do get there.
Here are somethings that will help you speed up the process.

1. Does he still love you ? 

This might be a question you ask yourself 5 times a day. You would try to give his actions a justification, decoding his moves , wondering if he meant it when he said he loved you or did not say it even though he did ? Honestly, it doesn’t matter anymore . It must have been love or not , but it’s over now. 

2. Does he miss you ? 
Maybe he does , maybe he doesn’t. Maybe breaking up with you was one thing he’d  regret for the rest of his life , or maybe it’s the best thing that ever happened to him. You’ll never know. And you shouldn’t even try to. All your focus should be on how you’re feeling . And i promise it only gets better everyday.
3. Is he seeing someone? If yes , who? Is she better than you ?
It’s almost impossible to not compare yourself to your ex’s new girl . Every time you hear her name , you wonder if she’s better than you. Is she prettier ? Smarter ? More fun ? You don’t know! And you shouldn’t care .Maybe she’s none of that , maybe she’s just his cup of tea . And that’s something you shouldn’t bother yourself with . You might be the most delicious margarita , but what’s there to regret if all he wanted was a cup of tea ?
4. STOP lurking on his social media 
No matter how much you’d like to deny it , you try to stay updated with what your ex has been upto,  how he looks with that new haircut, who’s the girl with him in the latest picture he put.  Has he started gymming now? Some of you do it even when you’re blocked. We’ve all done that . Stalked our ex’s . But if anything , it’s only slowing down your process of getting over him . You don’t want to remind yourself of everything you’re trying to forget . He is not going to know if you see his profile 10 times a day , or not at all . It’s not going to help and is an utter waste of your time .Stop right now !
5. Accept the fact that it’s over for good 
Until and unless you don’t accept that this chapter of your life is closed , you will keep falling back . You will fall weak , you will act silly , and worst of all , you will hope that things work out . More than often , you don’t need that hope . Life brought you here for a reason . Don’t look back. Keep moving ahead and you would get exactly where you need to be. Have faith. A lot of it. 🙂 
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Megha Dadarwal

Megha Dadarwal (BDS , PU Campus)

21, To be Dentist .Emotionally intelligent ambivert Virgo. Passionate yogi and a highly patriotic army kid . Coffee & music are my favourite escape. Believes in fairytales , and unicorns that are actually dogs

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